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Who Wants To Go To A SABR Convention? Me

I love baseball and its seemingly endless supply of numbers. That’s not to say I understand them all. Hell, I don’t think I have a good grasp on a majority of baseball stats

You can talk about using linear and non-linear multiple regression analysis techniques to estimate the impact of pitch counts, but the only words I recognize in that fragment are the last two. I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head what is peripheral ERA or secondary average. I have no problem taking the time to learn the concepts, but currently, those are completely foreign measurements to me.

But it is said that if you enjoy baseball and enjoy hanging out with people who enjoy baseball, the annual SABR Convention is the place for you. Today, I saw that the 41st SABR Convention is going to be held in California. But not just anywhere in California; try about one mile away from my apartment!

It takes some money to attend the conference and all of the events (much less if you are a SABR member), but between now and July, I’ll find a way to scrounge up enough coin. The potential for baseball information overload is just too great for me to miss this. I want to go full baseball nerd.

Baseball, baseball, Scott Boras and more baseball for five consecutive days! Can’t wait!

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