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Running Off At The Electronic Mouth, No. XIII

The people are not saying "Boooooo-urns." Just boo

As always, just a few random things I’ve wanted to post on here for a while. I’ll do it now because I am bored. This edition is pretty quick and all about baseball. Such is life.

  • Livan Hernandez knows all about strikes and balls. Livan Hernandez knows all about striking balls. Jeff Motuzas reminds me of one of those kids from middle school who would do anything — anything! — to gain the approval of the cool kids.
  • I know it’s T.J. Simers’ shtick to be a wise-cracking smartass. But there’s huge disparity between being that and being an outright ass.

And it didn’t stop there. Seriously abhorrent “journalism.”

Starlin Castro is a nice player. But that’s an ad for single-game tickets this season, not for just one series. Matt Garza? Carlos Marmol? Carlos Pena? Geovany Soto? Kerry Wood is back! I mean, any of those guys, you would think, should be a more attractive personality to put up on a Cubs billboard in Chicago than a player who plays in New York.

  • Former teammates and two of the most prominent non-Yankees whom I have vivid memories of from my childhood, Garret Anderson and Jim Edmonds, retired recently. Edmonds first and then Anderson about two weeks later as we broke into March. I thought their close retirement dates were kind of a strange coincidence since you couldn’t find two teammates in their prime whose defensive effort in the outfield resided on completely opposite sides of the spectrum.

  • When you consider his track record, pure ability, the Cardinals’ realistic chances to compete for a division title and the lack of a sure-fire star pitcher behind him, you can make the argument that Adam Wainwright is the most irreplaceable pitcher in the National League. And here’s mine in expedited form:

The Padres, Diamondbacks, Astros, Pirates, Nationals and Mets are ruled out from the start. They have no chance at the playoffs this year. Sorry.

The Phillies have multiple studs to depend on. If Tim Lincecum goes down, the Giants have Matt Cain. If Zack Greinke goes down — and he has gone down for at least the first month — the Brewers have Yovani Gallardo.

The Reds and Cubs are without a true, bona fide ace anyhow.

The Rockies’ Ubaldo Jimenez and the Marlins’ Josh Johnson are both aces and probably rank second and third, respectively, on my list of most irreplaceable NL starting pitchers. But they don’t quite have the track record of Wainwright, who has finished among the top three in the Cy Young race in each of the past two seasons. Plus, while I may be off base a bit here, I think the expectations for the Cardinals with a fully healthy Wainwright are higher than those for the Rockies or Marlins at 100 percent.

The Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw and the Braves’ Tommy Hanson may be ready to make the leap to the next level of stardom, but even if they don’t, I would still take the rest of their respective rotations than what’s left in St. Louis without Wainwright.

I have a tendency to be overly negative and I may be doing it again with the Cardinals, but I don’t have much faith in Chris Carpenter putting out another 30-start season at the age of 36. I don’t think Jaime Garcia will repeat his 2010 effort. He’s a quality starter who got a little lucky last year. His 2.70 ERA from last season is not going to be the norm. The rest of the starting staff is very underwhelming. And that’s most of the reason why I have the Cardinals finishing third in the National League Central this year.

But I’ll get to my full 2011 season predictions on here soon.

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