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UPDATE: Have The San Francisco Giants Stolen The “Claw”?

Update: No theft has occurred; Tejada has been doing the “claw” since before this season. Some others have said on the Internet — because you can always believe what you read on the Internet — that it’s been his deal since he was with Houston in 2008. What a relief.


The Giants defeated the Texas Rangers in the 2010 World Series. Within a week, the Giants burned the Ballpark in Arlington to the ground, forced all citizens of Dallas to embrace homosexual life and installed cable cars as the city’s only mode of transportation.

OK, so a complete takeover didn’t take place. But it seems like the Giants have stolen one Rangers custom: The claw. The hand gestures that became so popular in Texas last season popped up on the West Coast today.

In the top of the fifth of a scoreless game between the Giants and the Dodgers, Miguel Tejada singled sharply to left, scoring Aaron Rowand from second. As the throw came to the plate, Tejada advanced to second. And then it looked like he sent a claw over to his dugout. I know Tejada’s right hand gets cut off in that video, but everything about that, including the hook-shot arc of his arm, looks eerily similar. It may very well be different; I haven’t heard anything. And I like the stolen intellectual property storyline more.

Hey, if the Rangers didn’t want a foreign entity to take their stuff, they should have won the war.

In all seriousness, I hope this doesn’t catch on. The antlers are kind of cute after stolen bases. I get it. But the claw after a base hit seems out of place and a bit opaque.

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