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Anyone Noticing Exactly How Bad Vernon Wells Is This Season?

Angels outfielder Vernon Wells is struggling. I knew it was bad when I heard he was benched for Wednesday’s game. Wells said he was “trying to do too much.” But I didn’t know how bad it had gotten until I went looking for some numbers on Carl Crawford tonight.

I said after the first game of this season it was evident Crawford was pressing at the plate in an effort to impress his new teammates and prove he was worth the massive contract he signed during the winter. He still hasn’t relaxed. Crawford went 0-for-5 on Friday to lower his batting average to .137. But coming into the day, dude was mashing with his .378 OPS and .174 slugging percentage compared to Wells.

To just look at Vernon’s season through figures entering Friday inspires awe. Or awwwwww. For me, it’s laughter. I engage in much more schadenfreude than I really should.

Vernon Wells has a .276 OPS. That’s not a typo. Eighty hitters entered Friday with a batting average higher than Wells’ OPS. No surprise that’s the worst qualifying mark in baseball, but it’s so by more than 50 points. Jason Bartlett is second at .328.

No one has a lower on-base percentage than Wells’ .154, and only two players have a lower slugging percentage than his .122. One is Bartlett at .118 and, ironically, the other is Juan Rivera at .121. Yes, that’s the same Juan Rivera who was part of the trade that sent Vernon Wells out west from Toronto in January.

Wells has an adjusted OPS of minus-19. No one else is lower than minus-5. It’s not that hard to explain if you don’t know what that means, but I’m too lazy to do that at the moment. Just know it’s the opposite of something good.

The total number of bases for Wells this season: six. The total number of bases for Jeff Francoeur on Friday: six. Three Cardinals totaled at least six bases Friday night against the Dodgers. Carlos Zambrano has seven total bases in eight at-bats.

Last year, Wells had a runs created sum of 95. This year, it’s at one. Wells is one of four players, along with Bartlett, Rivera and Miguel Olivo, who have that mark, and Wells has had at least 13 more plate appearances than any of those guys.

Here’s the tough one: Those three players will make $12 million combined this season; Wells is going to get $23 million. And then $21 million next year. And then $21 million after that. And then $21 million after that. Of course, Wells could opt out of his deal after this season. But I’m having some real trouble thinking of any teams that would want to match that number.

I know it’s a sample of only 11 games played, and I hate it when people freak out about a veteran’s early-season slump. A player with a track record of production finds a way to level out at some point. And hey, he went 1-for-4 with a single and a walk on Friday, raising his batting average 11 points to .113. Progress is already being made!

But you have to admit those are some awful, awful, awful, awful, awful, awful, awful, awful, awful, awful, awful, awful, hilarious, awful, awful, awful, awful stats.

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