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Pedro Feliciano Won’t Be Able To Face Ike Davis This Season

It looks like Pedro Feliciano’s vow for revenge against the New York Mets will have to wait until next season at the earliest.

The Yankees reliever, who hasn’t pitched all season, underwent an MRI on Wednesday, which revealed a torn capsule in his left shoulder. How bad is that news for Feliciano? It caused Yankees GM Brian Cashman to evoke the name of a former Yankees pitcher who hasn’t seen game action since 2009 for comparison.

“It is a Chien-Ming Wang-like issue,” Cashman said. “And he is still trying to come back with Washington. Some people can come back, but the odds are a lot more difficult.”

Wang is currently on the Washington Nationals’ 60-day disabled list with “right shoulder fatigue.”

So it’s a good news-bad news situation. The good news is for Feliciano. No matter the injury, he got himself paid prior to this season to the tune of $8 million over two seasons. I hope he enjoys it. It’s like what they say: Money for nothing and the chicks for free. Except for the chicks part in this case, I guess.

The bad news is for the Yankees, who may see that money spent on a pitcher who didn’t play in one game while under contract. And that talk from Cashman about how the Mets handled Feliciano in “abusive” ways during the past three seasons turns out to be bulls-eye.

Call me crazy, but I think this kind of motion repeated had a lot to do with this injury. God, pitching is just not right.

Boone Logan remains the only left-handed reliever in the Yankees’ bullpen right now. That’s less than good if you are a Pinstripe fan like me. With the way he’s been pitching in 2011, he may as well have a torn left shoulder capsule.

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