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2011 Long Beach Grand Prix: Once You’ve Seen A Race …

… you’ve seen all of them. That’s my admittedly ignorant viewpoint on auto racing. I just don’t get it. It’s a lot of fast cars going around a track for a couple of hours. But I’m sure that’s as blasphemous to race fans as someone telling me how baseball is long, slow and boring. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Anyway, I wanted to write a long piece about my experience at the 2011 LB Grand Prix, but the fact is it wouldn’t have been much different from anything I wrote about my time last year. I don’t like the sport, I love the event. And the event doesn’t change. At the Long Beach Grand Prix, you are basically given an excuse to get hammered on city streets for three days. When you don’t want to watch cars go by you, you can always watch the women. You meet a lot of drunk people — some of whom you don’t know, some of whom you do know and one of whom is you. I would guess the large majority of those who attended the action from Friday through Sunday were there for everything other than racing.

In this year’s edition, the best event was the celebrity race. Granted, “celebrity” is a generous term for half of the entries and very few of them could drive worth a damn. FOX’s Jillian Barberie had to get towed off the track after just a few laps. I had a good laugh when Kevin Jonas hit the wall. At least three other celebrities I didn’t know didn’t make it out unscathed either. Tito Ortiz crashed during qualifying. Last year’s winner, Brian Austin Green, finished second, I think. And no, I didn’t see Megan Fox. A real actor, William Fichtner, won. But he wasn’t the highlight. No one could top the memory made by True Blood’s Stephen Moyer, who crashed so hard during Friday’s practice, his car did a complete rollover and landed right side up with a shattered windshield.. Um, I don’t think they brought a backup car.

In the main event, the good was Mike Conway, who came in first. The bad was rookie Ana Beatriz, who somehow spun out and saw her No. 24 car stall twice during one of the warm-up laps. That’s not a good start. She finished 19th. Women drivers, I tell ya.

Otherwise, it was a lot like this. And if you assume that I am not writing much about the 2011 LB Grand Prix because a lot of what happened is kind of foggy to me right now, you are partially correct. But only partially. It would be a lot better if I had a computer to upload photos on. That would probably spark my recall ability.

But hey, who cares if I can’t remember much? Isn’t that what racin’ is really all about?

Two-day-old postscript: I forgot to mention one thing — a car that participated in the drifting exhibition after Sunday’s big race was partially¬†sponsored by Yo! MTV Raps. Nostalgia aside, Ed Lover was nowhere to be found.

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