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Pressing Question Remains About Derek Jeter

Yes, Derek Jeter hit his first two home runs of the season Sunday. He recorded four hits on the day and has raised his average from .250 to .276 in the past six games.

But a major question about Jeter lingers over the entire league, and it’s about his newest record.

On Saturday night in Texas, Jeter played in his 2,303rd game at shortstop for the New York Yankees, setting the all-time mark for most games played at shortstop for one team. Cal Ripken Jr. played in 2,302 games at shortstop during his 21 seasons for Baltimore. It was Jeter’s 2,324th career game overall since his MLB debut in 1995.

While baseball now recognizes Jeter as the king in that category, is he really the record holder? More importantly, does Jeter’s record possess “it” quality?***

We may never know.

That's nice, but I think that effort is without "it"

By the way, did you know I’m the magical man from Happy Land who lives in a gumdrop house on Lollipop Lane?

***Stuff like that gets published, and I can’t get a job. Jesus Christ.

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