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Running Off At The Electronic Mouth, No. XIV

Yes, I did get a new computer last week, thank you very much.

  • When a pitcher with a 9.13 ERA posts a no-hitter, you know something weird has happened. But I think the weirdest stat — if you can call it that — I heard in the aftermath of Francisco Liriano’s piece of history was this: It was the first complete game of his entire pro career. That’s not just in the major leagues; Liriano didn’t throw a complete game in 110 minor-league starts. Obviously, the Twins handled him with kid gloves early on, and he’s had more valleys than peaks since coming back from 2006 Tommy John surgery. But considering how devastating his fastball-slider combination was when he came up, I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that he never went a full nine against players not good enough to make it to the big leagues.

Liriano starts again Tuesday. I haven’t heard from anyone who doesn’t think he will get shelled in that outing against Detroit.

  • Here’s a stupid quote from that night: This is what White Sox broadcaster Steve Stone said as Juan Pierre stepped up to the plate in the ninth inning against Liriano.

“Let’s see if Juan’s thinking about bunting up the right side.”

Yeah, bunting for a hit in the ninth inning of a no-hitter. Let’s see if Juan’s thinking if the next pitch after that bunt will be aimed at his face or his ribs.

I understand that it was just a 1-0 game. But you don’t break up a no-hitter with a bunt.

  • On Wednesday, I shirted up for Zack Greinke’s first start as a Brewer. He had a new team and a new number, but I didn’t care. That piece of fabric is forever awesome.

His line doesn’t look good — five hits, four earned runs and 86 pitches in just four innings — but I thought Greinke was pretty decent given that it was his first start of the season and he was coming back from an injury and extended rehab. In the first few innings, the velocity and break on his pitches were pretty good. I think he topped out at 95. But he was let down by some shoddy defense and the fact that the Braves fouled off a bunch of pitches, which raised his pitch limit of 90 in a hurry. RBI singles by Dan Uggla (unearned) and Martin Prado weren’t hit especially hard; they just found a way through.

In the fourth inning … yeah, he got crushed. You could say he was starting to tire, but there’s no way around it — crushed.

Greinke will make his Miller Park debut Monday against the Padres.

  • Just once I wish I could go to a baseball game that took more than seven hours to complete, ended at 2:45 a.m., where the 200 remaining fans serenaded a player with a Biz Markie hit and the visiting announcers wore lucha libre wrestling masks during the game. Man, I can not catch a freaking break!

A couple of things here: You know when you’ve had too many drinks. I’m sure Choo knew he was well over the limit while driving early Monday morning. But knowing that, why would he ask a police officer for road directions? He might as well have gone into a movie theater wearing this sign: “I’m going to yell fire. Get ready.”

Also, he blew a .201 on the breath test. We didn’t know Choo was such an underrated drunk driver, too.

This tidbit from the police report is pretty much gold:

“Mr. Choo was advised to touch his nose with his right finger 2 times. Both times, Mr. Choo used his left finger. Mr. Choo was then advised to touch his nose with his left finger. Mr. Choo then used his right finger.”

At 2:30 a.m., any shred of objectivity among baseball announcers goes to sleep

  • As I mentioned quickly in a previous post, the Dodgers may not be able to meet payroll this month. If they can’t, MLB would have the option to seize the Dodgers from Frank McCourt. I would love to see him gone, but — full disclosure — I will be contributing to his cause on May 19 when my father and I will attend a Dodgers home game against the San Francisco Giants. So if McCourt clears his latest financial hurdle by $100 or so, you’ll know who to blame.
  • And lastly, in a note with no relation to baseball, I must say I am very glad that the Sacramento Kings aren’t moving to Anaheim for next season. I hope something can get done that results in a beautiful new stadium for those fans who have nothing better to do in than leisure time than root on the Kings with all their might.

And I mean nothing. It is Sacramento after all. But those fans really care.

Southern California doesn’t need a third pro basketball team. We are still adjusting to actually caring about Clippers games. And the Honda Center doesn’t need to house another team nobody notices. The Ducks have filled that role just fine.

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