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Who’s Going To Be The Highest Bidder For Gus Johnson?

Now that he has split from CBS, Gus Johnson is a free agent.

The two sides couldn’t agree on a new contract. He lost out on the head NFL Network announcing job to Brad Nessler (really?). The rumor mill has him inching his way toward FOX to be a part of their expanded sports coverage. That’s due to a 12-year, $3 billion contract between the soon-to-be Pac-12 and ESPN and FOX. According to that SI.com link at the start of this post, 44 regular-season Pac-12 football games will be carried on ESPN or FOX or national cable networks, along with 68 men’s basketball games. It also carries the expectation that the Pac-12 will form its own network, much like what the Big Ten, which saw a good amount of its college basketball games done by Johnson.

I’m not going to speculate where Gus should go or what network(s) would fit him best. I’m asking you the title question rather than supplying an answer. Every major sports network should want Gus, and it will be great to hear him wherever, whenever. Well, as long as it’s not Showtime alone.

It’ll be a shame to not hear him during March Madness any longer because his exciting calls have become so synonymous with that event. But realize that Gus isn’t just March Madness. He could make a wiener-dog race sound like the Kentucky Derby. He could make the Kentucky Derby sound like a dash between Achilles’ immortal horses of the Trojan War. Without his soundtrack, some March Madness games would have been and will be completely unwatchable. In the first round of this year’s tourney, there was little attractiveness to Syracuse versus Indiana State. But Johnson was on the mic, and as always, he drew you in and kept you there.

So maybe he moves on to FOX, maybe somewhere else. Be it college football, pro football, college basketball or whatever sport on any network, it will just be a pleasure to hear that voice. It translates well across the field, court, rink, ring, track and so on. No matter where Gus ends up, the sports-loving public will be there to eagerly listen.

Until a development breaks, go entertain yourself with some YouTube searches. Sadly, it looks like the famous Gus Johnson soundboard has been taken off this series of tubes we’re using.

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