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UPDATE: Is Jorge Posada Going To Announce His Retirement Tonight? Or Just Apologize?

5/15 UPDATE: Posada did apologize. It just took a day to arrive.

He will not play against the Red Sox tonight, which probably has less to do about yesterday’s mini-fiasco and more to do with Jon Lester being on the hill. Posada is 0-for-24 against lefties this year.

Regardless that Posada did bring this on himself, this is a pretty depressing way for one of the greatest Yankees of the past 15 years to go out.


5/14 UPDATE: It turns out to be neither. In his postgame press conference, Yankees manager Joe Girardi said that Posada told him he “just needed a day off.” He also acknowledged that Posada is frustrated over his season thus far.

Posada, speaking to reporters in front of his locker prior to the Girardi PC, said he felt “a little” disrespected by the Yankees, but didn’t clarify as to how. He also said he didn’t feel like he could play Saturday because of the stiffness in his back, for which he has seen a chiropractor. Either way, this issue is far from over in the New York press. Posada said he hopes to play Sunday night.

In the end, it was a rather uneventful end to a rather negative Saturday for the Yankees. Josh Beckett dominated them for the second time this season; they lost their fourth game our of five against the Red Sox; Girardi got ejected and the Posada drama still dominates the headlines.

David Ortiz also felt the need to come to Posada’s defense.

God, sports are just awesome.


The former is the hot rumor right now after word came from Joe Girardi earlier that Posada asked to be taken out of today’s lineup against the Red Sox. That lineup had him hitting ninth for the first time since May 14, 1999.

There’s been some contradictory talk about why Posada wanted out. But Yankees GM Brian Cashman has reportedly been told that Posada plans to comment publicly on the situation after the game.

Oooo, spooky. Whenever word gets out that a player is going to hold a press conference after a game, it always feels a bit ominous. Actually, that goes for anybody anywhere. Any time a press conference becomes an abruptly scheduled event, your mind starts to race. I think we all experienced that feeling 13 days ago. Of course, Jorge Posada is not the president of the United States. …

Moving on!

You have to think this PC will contain one of these two speeches: retirement or apology.

I am going to lean toward the apology aspect, just because I don’t think Posada would give up on the game in the middle of a season. Plus, Posada’s own wife says it’s back stiffness. You have to believe her; she’s freaking gorgeous.

But if you look at it from the other side, Posada is 39 years old and will turn 40 in four months. He’s played only as the Yankees’ designated hitter this season, a role he didn’t want to assume and one he took to begrudgingly. Among the 195 players who currently qualify for a batting title, Posada’s .165 average is the worst in Major League Baseball.

Hurt or not, maybe Posada is just not enjoying it any longer and tonight’s lineup card was the final straw.

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