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Brandon McCarthy Talks About How He Will Be Remembered After The Pending Apocalypse

Brandon McCarthy was placed on the judgement-day disabled list Friday

I just talked about the oddly high number of athletes who have died recently. While their passings so close to one another are a series of bad coincidences, there is this one thing to consider: Maybe they just got the jump on the rest of us.

As I write this, it’s 1:27 a.m., Saturday morning here in Long Beach, Calif. Appropriately enough, I am watching “2012” on Encore East. And if some 89-year-old kook’s calculations are spot on, I’ll be dead in less than 18 hours. And so will you and so will everyone you know. I have to imagine that the Mayans are going to be pissed. I mean, they are still 19 months away from being prepared for the end of the world*.

Anyway, Oakland A’s pitcher Brandon McCarthy, who has seen shoulder and elbow injuries repeatedly derail his career, went back on the disabled list Friday due to a stress reaction in his right shoulder blade. With mere hours remaining in our existance, McCarthy tweeted about how he will be viewed by the next form of civilized life.

“Thousands of years after the rapture the new civilization will uncover what we leave behind and I’ll still be ‘on the DL’. #pitypartyforone

Outstanding. As a man whose sense of humor contains a couple quarts of self-deprecation, I love it when athletes poke fun at themselves. “#pitypartyforone” is an instant classic.

If this the end of the world as we know it, I will have one regret. It is that I stayed at home on a Friday night and watched John Cusack try to make the best out of this claptrap film that I’ve already seen instead of going out on the town and seeing if the “last night on Earth” pick-up line actually works. All I can say is that this Camping guy better be correct. Yeah, eternal damnation will blow big time, don’t get me wrong. But if he’s wrong, I’m going to really hate myself Sunday morning.

Oh well. At least LeBron never got his NBA championship.

*Seriously, why is this news? It seems like somebody chirps up with another end of days forecast every three years or so. How has this one, brought to us by a guy who has already been wrong once before in this field, caught our national fancy? We can’t possibly be this devoid of actual important information.

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