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Running Off At The Electronic Mouth, No. XVI

Which of these three is NOT a current NBA team executive?

  • I’ll start this off by simply saying this: NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! PLEASE NO! NOT MIKE DUNLEAVY!

Mike Dunleavy is a builder, he is not a sustainer. He can make a bad-to-average team good, but he’s not going to take an established great team and lead them to the mountaintop. Secondly, his coaching style would be a complete 180 from what all of the Lakers’ veterans are used to. He is not a system guy, he coaches on the fly.

In closing, no. No.

  • Who cares if the NBA Draft lottery is rigged — I think it is a little bit to make for some better stories. You’ve still got to absolutely love Nick Gilbert. He’s 14 and lives with neurofibromatosis, a nerve disorder that causes tumors to grow in his body. But you couldn’t tell as he represented the Cleveland Cavaliers at Tuesday’s lottery. Dude was looking sharp in his suit with bow tie and thick-rimmed glasses. He went full-blown Amar’e Stoudemire. Sharp, I tells ya.
  • I’m a mid-20s liberal, so I don’t have as much of a problem with the Preakness’ promotion of drinking with Kegasus. But these spots are lame. And if the Preakness is pushing people to drink a ton of beer, watch girls in bikinis and get all rowdy in the sun, what makes anyone think Train and Bruno Mars would be the right acts to get that party started? That’s like holding a bachelor party in Vegas and hiring the cast of “Mama Mia” to be the evening’s entertainment.
  • The Big Ten is mulling over a plan in which it would openly pay athletes between $2,000 and $5,000. I think college players should get some cash on top of their scholarship. I like the proposal and I hope it’s implemented soon. But considering that total is probably less than 20 percent of what the top college football prospects receive under the table — plus all the perks of never having to write your own research papers and having someone forge your grades — this is not going to change the recruiting landscape in major college athletics.
  • In case you couldn’t get enough talk about such fresh and exciting topics as the NFL lockout or Jorge Posada’s lineup spot, we were visited this week by more accusations that Lance Armstrong was a doper. Because that story certainly hasn’t been run into the dirt yet.

I do think Armstrong probably used some sort of illegal performance enhancer. Drug use has been so rampant throughout cycling; it’s the most popular reason the large majority of us pay attention to the sport past the Tour de France. If anything, Armstrong is guilty by association. But that doesn’t make him actually guilty. I hope no one discusses Armstrong’s legacy until we have some hard evidence, not just more words of former teammates and cyclists who, unlike Armstrong, have already been proven without doubt to be cheaters.

  • While everyone is still freaking out about how pitching is dominating baseball right now, don’t be blind to the fact that there were some impressive offensive displays this week. That includes the absurd as Jason Giambi became the second-oldest player in MLB history to drive in seven RBIs and/or hit three home runs in one game, trailing just Stan Musial on both lists. Musial accomplished those feats in two different games. Other names among the top-five on either of those lists include Reggie Jackson, Babe Ruth and Ted Williams. And now Jason Giambi. That makes complete sense.

I talked about the Indians’ big output on Monday. They probably overshadowed the A’s, who shutout the Angels, 14-0, the following night. Then seven teams scored at least seven runs on Friday, and the Nationals scored their most runs since they weren’t the Nationals. The last time that franchise scored 17 runs, it was by the Montreal Expos in 2004. Baseball is just fine, thanks.

One of the good things about being 14 years old: You don't need to hide your excitement for the sake of professionalism

Now if only it can find a way to stop the rain!

  • Atlanta Thrashers fans held a rally Saturday in support of their reportedly on-the-move franchise. Note to Thrashers fans in Atlanta: If you can get only “about 200 people” to show up for your big appeal, you’re just making the argument for relocation easier.
  • Kareem, you deserve a statue in front of Staples Center, man. You’ll get it. There’s no doubt you’ll get it and you deserve it. But settle down, my brother. Be cool, be cool. We, as Lakers fans, know how hard you worked to bring titles to L.A. You were out there busting your buns every night, dragging Walton and Lanier up and down the court. Yet, what you’ve done this week by talking about how the Lakers have slighted you and don’t care about you is make that inevitable unveiling celebration a little extra awkward.
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