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Saturday’s Cubs-Red Sox Game: Ugly Game Or Ugliest Game

Actually, that headline is a misnomer. It wasn’t the entire game that was viscerally repulsive, just the top of the eighth inning.

Baseball reminds us of a more innocent time in our lives. Playing catch in the backyard with dad. Summer nights spent at the ballpark with school out of session. Trying to imitate our favorites in each Little League at bat. Those are good times.

But the Red Sox took those memories and made them too literal last night as they handled the ball like a bunch of 9-year-olds against the Cubs.

Watch and wonder how defense can go so wrong.

Jed Lowrie’s blunder inspired jaw-dropping stunnage.

Youkilis’ gaffe led to ultra-confused head shaking. I mean, I guess it wasn’t bad enough that the Cubs experienced total miscommunication tagging up.

That reaction was quickly replaced by on-the-floor laughter as the throw from shallow left field somehow skipped by the pitcher and the first baseman.

How did Lowrie not grab a pop-up that Luis Castillo would have considered a can of corn?

How did Youkilis let a lob that was just above his eye level somehow go over his glove?

How did a throw from no more than 150 feet away go under Franklin Morales’ glove and through Adrian Gonzalez’s legs?

How did those three errors and all the rest of that madness take place within three minutes, and why am I asking so many damn rhetorical questions?

That, my friends, is Major League Baseball. Ah, yes!

Also, that’s maybe the oddest half-inning I have ever seen.

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