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Running Off At The Electronic Mouth, No. XVII

Yeah, it's probably his time. I'll learn to deal with it

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. Since everyone has to barbecue or at least go to one on this weekend, I had kabobs consisting of steak, peppers and onions yesterday, with baked beans and corn on the cob on the side. Good times.

The rest is kind of blurry. So I’m going to play a big game of catch up here, as I usually do. …

  • I’ve got the Heat beating the Mavericks in five games as the NBA Finals begin tonight. Maybe Dallas can win two games at home and push it to six games given the 2-3-2 format. But I don’t see anyone beating Miami on its own floor. That team is just rolling. And as we saw in the Eastern Conference Finals, seemingly no deficit, no matter how late, is too deep for Miami. Kudos to the Bulls for making Oklahoma City’s choke job look ordinary.

But I digress.

True, Miami hasn’t faced an offense this explosive or extensive during these playoffs. But Dallas’ defense isn’t good enough to match up with Miami. I think that’s where this series will be decided. LeBron’s the MVP and no, the hate that he and Wade bring up so often doesn’t stop after this series. It’s just vanquished for a summer.

  • Charles Barkley picked Dallas to win this series. But he also picked the Bulls in the last round and I think he may have even taken the Celtics in the Eastern Conference semis. Clearly, his dislike for the team’s preseason attitude and its fan base has blinded him.
  • I’ll take the Kings to win the Stanley Cup. Oh, they’re not playing? Fine, I’ll pick Vancouver. Not that I have any sort of analysis on that; I just never want to see Boston anything win a championship.
  • Listening to former Ohio State players over the past couple of days has been sickening. They talk about how this time has been emotionally draining on Jim Tressel, how they feel bad for him, how he just tried to protect his kids from harm, etc.

Tressel lied to the NCAA and his school repeatedly, right to their faces. He had to go, and he should have left way sooner than Monday.

Also, who knew tattoos were such a currency among college athletes?

  • ESPN’s Buster Olney wrote this in a series of tweets the morning after the Buster Posey incident:

“In the big-picture question of risk/reward, the play of blocking home plate, to save one run, is just not worth it. Not even close … MLB and the Players Association should step in and ban the play of a catcher blocking home. It’s just not worth it, for anyone involved.”

You know who really thought that one run was worth it? The Marlins, who won the game thanks to that run. Reform is only being called for because of who Buster Posey is. If it was Ronny Paulino, everyone would just tell him to rub some dirt on it. If it was Humberto Quintero, no one would care.

Oh, yeah, that’s right! The same thing did happen to Quintero. He got injured two nights later in a collision at home plate and nobody cared. Also, it doesn’t help their horrible argument if the man who reformists bring up as exhibit A for a rule change says you can’t change the rules over that one play.

When the extent of Posey’s injury was disclosed on Thursday, Giants broadcasters Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow suggested that anyone who barrels over a catcher be fined either $25,000 or docked a game check.

Seriously, all of this blather over a pretty clean play is embarrassing*.

*There was room for Cousins to go behind Posey, but far be it from me to say he definitely saw that route and decided against it just to try to injure Posey.

  • The sports-talk world also devoted a lot of its time last week to misinterpreting and overeating to statements from Scottie Pippen and Drew Brees.

Pippen said LeBron James may be a better player than Michael Jordan. That might be true, but everyone thought he meant a better player today? Really? Even Scottie isn’t that jealous of Michael. As he cleared up on Twitter, Pippen was talking about when LeBron’s career is over, he may be a better player. Sure, it’s possible. That’s not an inflammatory statement; it’s something to ponder if he can win enough championships. But people acted as if spit in the pope’s face.

Brees said the NFL owners “saw blood in the water” after former NFLPA executive director Gene Upshaw died in 2008. Again, probably correct. Upshaw’s death was shockingly sudden and sad. But when everything settled down, I’m sure the owners saw it — in a purely business manner — as a point of weakness for the NFLPA. I think Brees would have liked to use better phrasing. The carnivorous “blood in the water” wasn’t a good choice.  But the point stands.

  • I got to see some of the Barcelona-Manchester United Champions League match on Saturday. I like watching major events in sports I don’t usually like — I’m watching the French Open mix channel on DirecTV right now, which is awesome. But I didn’t get to see any more than the final 25 minutes because I went to see “The Hangover Part 2.” Judging on entertainment value, I’d give the edge to the movie. But only an edge. That is in no way a compliment toward either side.
  • We are two months into the MLB season. If the season ended today, Jair Jurrgens and Josh Beckett would probably be your Cy Young winners. Batting titles would go to Matt Joyce and Lance Berkman/Matt Holliday.

Only one of those five names makes sense for either accolade. News flash: Season doesn’t end today.

  • Lastly, Shawn Bradley is a cowboy. Yeah, that Shawn Bradley. All I imagine is Woody from “Toy Story” as 7 feet 6 inches tall. As opposed to a 7-foot-6-inch woody, which I am guessing would be a blessing and a curse. Ninety-nine percent curse.
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