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2011 Fantasy Football Is Open! Now What?

My 2009 fantasy baseball championship ring. I have yet to win a fantasy football title in my little free league for 11 seasons running. When I do, I'm calling up Jostens and getting another one

If you’ve taken multiple glances at this blog, you’ve probably read something related to fantasy football. I’ve mentioned it in nearly a quarter of my posts, so yesterday was a pretty big deal.

Yahoo! and ESPN opened their fantasy football platforms for play! I’ve never played at ESPN.com, but I find their advice and rankings to be more on the mark, or at least more sensible because no one can really be correct in the unpredictable business of fantasy sports predictions.

I have always played at Yahoo! for free ever since I joined my first league in 2000. While I think it’s too early to create a real league and to start pressuring all of your old nemeses to join, I had to see what Yahoo! added for this season. So I created a demo league last night — appropriately titled “demo.” Catchy, eh? — with the sole intention of checking out some of the new settings. The most interesting changes to me include:

  • Customizable draft clock: You can set the time limit for each pick from 15 seconds to two minutes. I always felt rushed with just 90 seconds to make my choice, probably because I spend so much time out-thinking myself and end up making a rushed selection. But now I am all about the auction drafts, so draft clocks are pretty much irrelevant to me.
  • Draft-pick drafts: Something else that can’t be used in auction drafts, but this sounds very cool. You can trade or trade for picks in next year’s draft. I love it. It’s another way to make yourself feel like a general manager, aside from having actual riches, good suits, comfy digs, private club tee times at your beck and call, etc. This would probably create havoc in my league my group loves to veto deals. Anything not split 50-50 seems to be a robbery to them. And if you give them a situation where someone trades a 2012 first-rounder to improve their team in 2011, I’m not sure if they know how to handle that. Yes, I like to throw them under the bus. I’m trying to beat them after all.
  • Additional scoring categories: Including point bonuses for passing, rushing or receiving touchdowns of 40 yards or more, and penalties against quarterbacks who throw pick-six interceptions. Feel free, but I won’t be using these. Pick-sixes are usually not a quarterback’s fault. Sure, it’s a poor throw, but returning an INT for a touchdown takes a combination of bad tackling from offensive players and fabulous maneuvering from the defender. Also, your team defense can now receive extra points based upon how many yards it allows.

You can find the rest of the additions here. And no, I’m not a shill for Yahoo!

The leagues are open and everything is happy. But there’s that elephant in the room: This won’t mean anything if there is not an actual NFL season this year. I’m still optimistic that this lockout will end prior to September, and we’ll be able to get a full 17 weeks in. The financial losses would too great for either side to bear. But fantasy players have already been affected by this stoppage. It’s difficult to rank and rate players for the upcoming season if you’re not even sure where some of them are going to play or what their positional depth chart is going to resemble come fall. That’s another reason to hold off on the drafts for now; so much will change when free agency arrives. Not if, but when.

Here’s an article I wrote for a fantasy football website before the lockout became official a few months ago. It talks about what we as fantasy geeks should/could do in the scenario of an extended lockout. It’s not the be-all and end-all for fantasy football lockout preparation, but it’s some things to consider if our very worst fears are realized.

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