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The Most Important Petition You Will Ever Sign

I bow to you, sir

Well, outside of anything that has to do with human rights advances or the prevention of political villainy.

OK, so consider this the most important petition about sports that you will sign …

… this year.

There is an online petition going around in support of the great Vin Scully getting one last opportunity to announce a World Series. I advise you to sign it and then send it to everyone you know and make sure that they send it to everyone they know and so on.

I doubt it will make a dent anywhere. I first heard about this on Wednesday and as of right now, there are only about 6,700 electronic signatures counted. But that doesn’t mean the effort for a very awesome idea can’t be put forth.

You already know that Scully would be more entertaining in October than Joe Buck, and he makes Tim McCarver look like a nun when it comes to baseball knowledge.

Scully, 80, hasn’t called a World Series since 1988. But even as he nears a still-unknown date with retirement, he remains one of the sharpest announcers of any sport. While he doesn’t travel past Colorado these days, he is only man in the Dodgers’ TV booth when he’s on the call. It’s been that way ever since Don Drysdale’s death in 1993. And sometimes, Scully is the sole carrier of the game’s simulcast on radio, too. Again, he’s 80!

He is a true master at storytelling, and when most broadcasters depend upon the game itself to give them something to talk about during the late innings, Scully never runs out of beautiful yarns related to what you are watching.

Why can’t we have something like that one last time during the Fall Classic? It would be a proper and merited gesture.

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