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Running Off At The Electronic Mouth, No. XIX

Pau Gasol probably wouldn't mind if Shannon Brown left town. It's also a little weird -- but not mysterious -- that about half of the pictures that come up in a Google image search for "Shannon Brown" contain Gasol

  • The Los Angeles Lakers need to focus on three areas to improve their team for next season, whenever it starts: youth, athleticism and a solid point guard.

Shannon Brown provides two of those three, but I was happy to hear that he had opted out of his contract on Thursday.

Brown can be a very solid player and a starter on many teams in the NBA with his physical skills. But frankly, he plays dumb and selfish. He seems to be absolutely incapable of passing, is not a great defender and instead of just playing with what he’s been dealt, he tries to be a hero way too often. Brown feels that he HAS to score whenever he has the ball. He rushes too many shots and wastes possessions because he thinks he’s more important to the offense than what is reality. And his shooting fell off a cliff during last season. After Nov. 23, Brown was 52-for-180, including playoffs, from downtown.

Plus, you know, he may or may not have slept with Pau Gasol’s girlfriend.

Alas, the Lakers will probably try to re-sign Brown because of his youth and athleticism, something that is rare on their bench.


  • It seems like everything is shutting down these days — the NFL, the NBA, Minnesota’s government, etc.

This week, I experienced my first signs of lockout burnout. I’m very confident that a deal will be struck between the owners and the players in the NFL this month, and hearing about how the entire NBA season could be lost thanks to its own lockout doesn’t concern me right now.

But the point is it’s sickening to listen to all of these stories about possible doomsday for multiple leagues. So I went searching for something of more substance,  and I actually watched the Montreal Alouettes defeat the BC Lions on NFL Network this past Wednesday.

Forgive me for never caring about the CFL in my life — including when Ricky Williams played up there while he was on suspension by the NFL — but it was actually solid entertainment. Sure, baseball will be here to keep my happy through October, but I think Canada can tide me and my football needs over for a little while longer. You should try it out if you haven’t given it a shot yet.

  • Baseball statistics provide a seemingly infinite amount of information because they are seemingly infinite. Everything can be quantified and compared and matched up against history. It can be exhilarating and exhausting. This is one such case (Don’t do any of the exercises; just read).

First of all, that’s just nuts. For two pitchers to put up identical lines and then to find out just how layered their similarities go — speechless.

Near the end, I just start to shake my head. It becomes dizzying to follow. “7 losses this year, with a low-4’s ERA.” C’mon, now you’re just getting desperate for coincidences.

  • I took about a two-week “break” from this in June, so I didn’t get to write about a lot of things that struck my fancy. The No. 1 issue: Bryce Harper’s kiss.

I know that kind of stuff is looked down upon in all sports, but is this really something to punish in Harper’s case? Yeah, it makes Harper look like a punk-jerk, but that seemed to be the consensus on his personality anyway. Everyone is always told to be themselves. Well, that type of act is Bryce Harper, and I think should keep it up. I it would be great if baseball had a real-life Clu Haywood. He wouldn’t be the first one, just the latest.

Harper’s shenanigans would be aggravating to players and fans alike, but if he comes up to the majors and lives up to all of the hype — hits 500-foot home runs while OPS’ing something like 1.200 — I have a feeling the Nationals will find a way to overlook the asshole part of his game.

  • Lastly, have a fantastic Fourth of July! Be safe out there; I know I will be. Well, I’ll try to be. It’s my birthday tomorrow, so this whole weekend is probably going to involve a lot of unsafe matters, but I’ll minimize the damage come Tuesday.

USA, a-OK!

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