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Running Off At The Electronic Mouth, No. XX

Roger Clemens received his 355th career win thanks to an opponent's error

  • I may have been in the minority, but I supported the efforts of federal prosecutors going after Roger Clemens for lying to Congress. It wasn’t the best way to spend our government’s time and resources, but anyone suspected of perjury, be they a public or a private figure, should be tried to the fullest extent of the law.

But after the non-conviction conviction that prosecutors got in their flimsy case against Barry Bonds and the ridiculous boner committed by prosecutors on just the second day of Clemens’ trial, maybe we should just forget about trying athletes for federal crimes. We already showcase most athletes as better than the common man and think are above the law. Let’s just keep it that way. It’s easier.

  • An area where we apparently don’t think athletes can match up with us commoners is writing. Nobody is expecting to read something of Randian size when an athlete issues a statement, but are we really at the point where 570 words qualifies as “lengthy“? They’re not third-graders.

By the way, considering James Harrison’s comments, Rashard Mendenhall’s tweets and Hines Ward’s DUI, it’s a little strange that we’re about to complete a full NFL offseason, and Ben Roethlisberger doesn’t even rank in the the top three among Pittsburgh Steelers summer distractions.

  • Hopefully you noticed how obsessed Joe Buck and Tim McCarver were with Mariano Rivera during Tuesday’s All-Star Game. Rivera didn’t play in the game. He didn’t even make the trip to Phoenix, which seemed to be a problem for Derek Jeter and no one else. Rivera hasn’t created any controversy or accomplished anything extra special recently. He’s just had his standard stellar season. But from just prior to the start of the game through the last pitch, Rivera’s name was either spoken or displayed on the telecast 11 times, including five times in the first two and a half innings.

They brought up Lance Berkman’s quote about how facing Roy Halladay is like facing Mariano Rivera for nine innings — cutter after cutter after cutter. I guess that would be fine to mention if Halladay actually threw more cutters. Rivera has gone to the cutter at least 82 percent of the time since the start of 2008; Halladay’s repertoire has never contained more than 47 percent cutters in a single season. That quote holds no merit, and it was rather dumb for McCarver to reference it.

In the bottom of the second inning, McCarver said he asked Joe Girardi how David Robertson reminds him of a young Mariano Rivera. They were just looking for any way to get his name into the game. I was waiting for Buck or McCarver to say in the third inning how Cliff Lee reminds them of a left-handed Mariano Rivera with four pitches. Never got it.

And to your right, that's kind of like Yao Ming

  • Yao Ming may be a Hall of Famer because of what he did to expand the NBA in Asia, especially China. But his retirement last week showed us once again that this league favors the tall, but not often those who are too tall. Yao, Manute Bol, Gheorghe Muresan, Ralph Sampson, etc. They had legitimate skills, but mostly because of how they are built, such players don’t last long. They are like the Great Danes of NBA players.
  • Baseball is just a game. We always like to see a player who knows his priorities and understands that family is more important. That is until those priorities actually take place between April and October. First this season was Colby Lewis, now it’s Carlos Zambrano. These awful scribes can’t possibly be that desperate for clicks.
  • Unfortunately, I had to go back on my word. I just didn’t have the time to go to last week’s SABR Convention here in Long Beach. It was held mere blocks away from my apartment. I probably could have swung it financially, but I’m about to enter graduate school, and I’m not really in a position to be throwing a few hundred bucks down for anything. It sounded like a a lot of good times, and missing it is probably my greatest regret about anything this year. Last year, too.

Say what you will about the ESPN, it is fantastic when it comes to airing events live. It’s not too much to ask for, but NBC didn’t care to air the Djokovic-Tsonga and the Nadal-Murray semifinal matches live at Wimbledon earlier this month on the West Coast. Those were both shown on tape delay so that The Peacock could give us the fourth hour of that wretched Today show. Any network that chooses Kathie Lee Gifford over live sports doesn’t deserve to air the event in any capacity. My hope is that the French Open is next to be stripped from NBC/Comcast Corp.

  • The last word on Derek Jeter’s 3,000th hit: I’m so glad that’s done. Not because of the pressure it put on Jeter or how it may have affected the team. But even as a Yankees fan, the coverage was nauseating.

I understand he’s a great player, a Yankee and the first Yankee to ever reach the milestone. But you would have thought that by reaching the number, Jeter was eligible to voted in to the Hall of Fame right now. It doesn’t make him Hall-worthy; he already was. It’s just another accomplishment. But DJ3K? Get outta here. I can’t wait to see the treatment that Ivan Rodriguez or Johnny Damon or whoever is next to reach 3,000 hits gets from the media. IR3K just doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it, so it will probably be a tad less. And that’s a good thing.

Oh well. At least Jeter didn’t celebrate by kissing home plate.

  • Finally, speaking of wastes of time, you may have heard that “Carmaggedon” is occurring this weekend in Los Angeles. So far, so good … but what else did anyone expect? Authorities have basically been shouting for months now “DON’T DRIVE OVER HERE!” on this particular weekend. Suddenly, there’s not as much traffic as anticipated, and people are somehow surprised that people aren’t driving over there on this particular weekend! It’s as if the local news here suddenly thought there was only one road to enter and exit the second-most populated city in America. Pathetic.

Oh, but to the 80,000+ driving to tonight’s Real Madrid-L.A. Galaxy match at the Coliseum: You all are idiots. Just save yourself the trouble and watch it on TV?

That's not Carmaggedon; that's a Wednesday.

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