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Andrew Bynum Parks In A Handicap Spot. Yeah, It Pisses Me Off

I’ve timed it.

It takes me about 90 seconds to get into and out of my car. Most of that time is spent breaking down and putting together my wheelchair, which I must use every time I “step” outside my apartment.

Yet, unlike most people, I don’t really care where I park. I have the right to park in those blue spaces covered by the stick figure with the gigantic ass, but it doesn’t bother me if one isn’t available. Hell, I don’t really care if I have to park at the very end of a shopping center parking lot. What’s the difference between there and the front — 100 feet? That’s like an extra 12 seconds out of my life. I think I’ll find a way to get over it.

So, no, I’m not a real stickler for my designated parking spaces. Until I see something like this:

According to NBC4 in Los Angeles, that is Lakers center Andrew Bynum getting back into his car after picking up some groceries at a Bristol Farms store in the upscale beach town of Playa del Rey, Calif., on Tuesday.

First of all … let me say hello to that pretty little thang on the left. Hey, miss lady.

Let me also commend Bynum on that bang-up park job. That is some parking that only a mother could love, and only if that mother was blind. It’s not bad enough that he’s parked in a handicap space; he felt the need to hog the loading/unloading zone, too?

Given Bynum’s injury history, it’s conceivable that parking in such a spot is just second nature to him at this point. But we all know how Bynum ended last season: healthy. No surgeries are scheduled that we know of. There’s no reason why he couldn’t park in and walk from one of the six wide open regular spots that are seen directly behind him! 

Not only did Bynum have no use for such a space, but he didn’t even have the common decency to steal a handicap sign from a relative and hang it from his rearview mirror before heading into the store. I mean, Cade McNown did at least that.

Poor judgment has become old hat with Bynum. There was the forearm shiver on J.J. Barea. He partied at the Playboy Mansion while still recovering from knee surgery. What he did today apparently wasn’t even a first offense. I’m sure a forced — oh, I mean, uh, sincere apology is on the way. (UPDATE: Bynum wasn’t ready to apologize later in the day. But you have to admit that seeing him stand next to that reporter and then hit him with his closing car door was a little comical. And Vito Scattaglia? No, that’s not real, is it? C’mon.)

It’s hard to tell whether Bynum is naive, oblivious or stupid.

My hope is that if Bynum is in my neighborhood and I see his BMW darting for a handicap spot, my Honda Odyssey is able to beat him to it. Then, I’ll scramble (fall) out of my car and completely forget about my wheelchair so that I can give him one of these:

Well, at least the crotch thrust followed by some improvising. I can’t do the other stuff.

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