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Texas Rangers Will Indeed Raise The Railings In Front Of All Seating Areas

Well, you knew this was coming.

The Texas Rangers had no choice. They needed to do something to show their fans and the rest of the baseball world that they will be proactive. People wanted to see something, anything happen. If nothing had changed in the wake of Shannon Stone’s death, many would have just said that the franchise is waiting for another tragedy to occur.

That doesn’t mean that something had to be done, because really, it didn’t. As I said on the night that the story broke, the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington is safe. Specifically, the railings in front of seating areas exceed the standard height. In the photo, you can see that the railing comes right up to Shannon Stone’s waist.

Fault lies with the fan. I know that sounds rough less than two weeks after the fact, and again, Stone’s death has left a family forever fractured and a 6-year-old boy without a father. It’s a horrible event. But let’s not sugarcoat this. A fan leaned WAY too far out over the railing to catch a baseball and paid an unfortunate price. There was nothing the Rangers could have done beforehand. Their safety precautions weren’t up for debate until a patron did something that no ballpark in the league is required to build against.

But in the name of public relations, changes are coming the ballpark. What kind of changes?

“As the rails are being refitted, the Rangers said they would take ‘interim’ steps, such as posting new signs that will remind fans not to lean, sit on or stand against the rails. The team will also issue a warning prior to the start of each game via its public address system, the Rangers said.”

How inventive! I’ve seen those in only about 28 other MLB ballparks. But I shouldn’t pick on the team because you couldn’t have expected much more. The Rangers did not say if they will build their railings high enough now to cover everything that fans do to reach baseballs. Of course, that’s a losing battle because fans seem to always find a way to circumvent stadium security measures. There’s no foolproof plan to guard against foolishness. However, the Rangers will give theirs a shot.

I can’t wait until a paying customer lodges the first complaint at the stadium, saying that the railing is obstructing their view in the first row of the upper deck.

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