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Stephen Drew’s Ankle Turns 180 Degrees

I’m always one for a hearty injury. It’s like a good horror film — you hate the buildup, but love the scare.

Joe Theismann breaking his leg at multiple spots? Willis McGahee’s knee going backwards? Jason Kendall stepping on a base wrong and paying the price? A University of Houston wide receiver running into some ill-placed carts behind an end zone? I’m not going to link to any of them; you can go find them on your own.

You do have to feel bad for the unfortunate athlete. His season and possibly his life is changed forever. But you may also understand that the moment holds some entertainment value to some.

The list probably just grew by one. The victim is Arizona Diamondbacks shortstop Stephen Drew. He suffered a major ankle injury as he slid into home during the fourth inning of tonight’s game versus the Milwaukee Brewers.

It’s not as horrific as what happened to Theismann or McGahee, but it’s probably not worth the watch if you’re squeamish. If you are, I’ll describe it below as best as I can.

If this kind of stuff doesn’t bother you much, feel free to jump to the link here.

At real speed, you can’t really tell what happened. Drew slides into home, there is a slight collision with the catcher, and then you just see him on the ground in obvious pain. As the replays run, even the Diamondbacks’ broadcasters think the injury is to Drew’s left shin. It seems plausible since you can see Drew’s left leg collide with catcher’s shin guard.

That is until the replay is shown again all the way through Drew’s slide. In the final few seconds of the video, you see Drew tucking his right foot closer to his body. Right before that is when you catch a glimpse of the damage: Drew’s right ankle is turned completely upside down — with the cleats on his shoe facing out but with the heel pointing to the sky.

The diagnosis is in and it’s not surprising: Drew fractured the ankle and will likely need surgery. His season is probably done, and who knows how it might affect his career. It’s a tough turn of events for the D’Backs, who are one of the most surprising teams in the league this season and sit just 4.5 games behind the San Francisco Giants in a very winnable division.

Oh well.

Sweet dreams.

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