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The San Diego Padres Score 13 Runs In 2 Innings. Yes, The San Diego Padres

The San Diego Padres aren’t very good at hitting. Granted, there’s not much to work with, but only the hapless Mariners have fewer runs and hits this season (Seattle scored six runs tonight, which should be considered an explosion in itself).

Expectations were probably not very high or even moderate tonight as the Padres were going up against Ricky Nolasco, who had allowed just two earned runs in his previous four starts. He went the distance in two of those starts.

But every once in a blue moon … blind squirrel, acorn, you know how it goes.

The Padres scored 13 runs on 14 hits in the first two innings against the Marlins. By the end of the second inning, six of the nine San Diego starters had two hits. Ryan Ludwick, who entered the game 1-for-9 with in his career against Nolasco, picked up four RBIs on a single and a double. Jason Bartlett earned his first RBI in 15 games. Alberto Gonzalez, with his .214/.261/.279 line, recorded hits in his first couple of at-bats, contributing his first double since June 25 and first RBI in 26 at-bats. Even pitcher Aaron Harang got into the act with an RBI single and a run.

All of that and much more came before the third inning was a reality.

Of course, Nolasco didn’t last to see it. He recorded just four outs making this his shortest appearance as a major-league starter. He allowed nine runs, nine hits, two walks and had three strikeouts. Add it all up and you’ll see that Nolasco’s game score is one. Only four starters this season have posted lower scores.

But this is really about the Padres, a team that had scored 13 runs in an entire game just once since the start of July 2010. They scored 13 runs in a game against the Brewers on May 11. Since, the Padres have entered double digits just twice.

Thirteen runs in two innings is pretty impressive. Back in 1993 and 1994, the Padres had a game in which they put up 13 runs in a single inning.

The game is in the top of the ninth right now with the Padres leading, 14-3. I’ll keep tabs on it, but I refuse to listen to it because the DirecTV MLB Game Mix is carrying the Marlins feed of the game. Per usual, Rich Waltz and Tommy Hutton are making that game as enjoyable as a dirty diaper.

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