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In Episode 2 of ‘The Franchise,’ We Get Even More Brian Wilson

Not that such a thing is bad. The camera knows when it sees a gold.

Since the episode centered around the All-Star Game, there wasn’t much baseball insight of which to speak. Instead, stories on some of the Giants’ All-Star representatives (Wilson, Ryan Vogelsong, Pablo Sandoval) filled the episode.

As usual, no one got more screen time that Wilson. There was a five-minute appetizer at the open followed by a 10-minute main course to close it out. Wilson talks about his unique fashion sense and the possibility of being overexposed to go along with a couple handfuls of classic quotes. It’s truly difficult to single one out, but my favorite Wilson line of the episode was his realization of a fault with his ESPYs outfit, which he said was inspired by Adonis:

“You know what I didn’t think through? Taking a piss.”

Wilson says this right in front of Colin Cowherd, who looks absolutely terrified.

But while Wilson is considered to be either misunderstood or one [G]iant act, he says something very real that’s easy to understand:

“I’m a pro baseball player in my 20s. I’m not just going to walk around monotone like a robot then wake up, I’m 35, the game’s over, and I’ve had zero fun.”

The meaning of fun is subjective. Some people — AHEM! — consider opening a box of baseball cards fun. Wilson is just living by his definition, no matter how it looks to anyone else. You’ve got to respect that.

In the few other minutes that weren’t Wilson-centric, we learned:

  • Pablo Sandoval’s newest nickname, bestowed upon him by outfielder Nate Schierholtz, is “Hungry Hippo.” And Pablo loves the hell out of it.
  • Ryan Vogelsong’s tale of baseball resurrection is flushed out even more. There’s a story about Ryan and late his father-in-law that is the episode’s clear emotional peak.
  • Barry Zito’s post-baseball aspiration is to be a restaurant owner and chef. “I have dreams of being a culinary wizard.”
  • Bruce Bochy’s thoughts while managing All-Star Game. As he tries to get as many players as possible into the box score, frustration obviously takes over. Talking to home plate umpire Dale Scott about all the names that he has to juggle, Bochy says, “Fuck, Dale. I can’t keep up with this shit.”

He also had a fantastic observation while watching Heath Bell literally run in from the bullpen that I’m pretty sure was shared with at least 20 percent of the home audience watching the game live. “Oh my goodness, he’s going to have a heart attack.”

With all of the All-Star Game festivities out of the way, next week’s episode looks to concentrate more on actual baseball and appears to be packed with drama in just the 25-second preview that was shown at the end of the program. It includes how the Giants deal with Freddy Sanchez’s shoulder injury, some major family drama for Aubrey Huff that involves a shooting, and what was charged to Huff’s lost credit card for $23,000?

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