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Jerry Meals: Safety Inspector

This is one of those things that I would usually include in my “Electronic Mouth” posts, but it was just too good to leave until the weekend to share.

Umpire Jerry Meals has been the No. 1 talking point around baseball for the past 24 hours. Well, except for Ervin Santana’s no-hitter. And the Mariners snapping their 17-game losing streak (called it). And the Giants acquiring Carlos Beltran.  …

OK, he’s been among the top talking points in the sport. You knew someone would come along and blow his bad call from last night’s Pirates-Braves game out of proportion. Thankfully, Sports Pickle has done it in absolutely hilarious fashion.

Yes, it’s even funnier than Scott Proctor running/belly-flopping out of the batter’s box. Do yourself a favor and watch it here.

My favorite is curbside candy. Not sure why; it’s just strange enough to be funny. And I think the alliteration helps a little.

What isn’t funny at all are the apparent death threats Meals’ family has received in the day since he cost the Pirates a win. As much as I hate to say it, that kind of stuff was inevitable. It happened to Jim Joyce. It happened to Don Denkinger. The impact from their bad calls was bigger than Meals’ situation, but it doesn’t matter; sometimes, sports fans can take it way, way, way, way, way too seriously and act like utter idiots.

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