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And Now, A Great Baseball Contrast On Keeping Your Mind In The Game

Success in baseball isn’t made to sound very complex. I’m sure you’ve heard “see ball, hit ball” before. That’s the basic point. But you’ve always got to be thinking, and tonight presented us with a classic dichotomy of what happens in baseball when you stay alert and when you simply turn your brain off.

First, here’s Brendan Ryan keeping his wits about him and turning a simple infield single into a “triple.”

It’s perfectly understandable that people would fall asleep during an A’s-Mariners game. But I would hope the narcolepsy wouldn’t strike the players on the field. The Mariners’ broadcasters said Johnny Damon did the same thing in the 2009 World Series; that’s not entirely true. Damon did take third base while no one was watching, but only after he stole second. He didn’t take all three bases in one fell swoop like Ryan. I can honestly say I’ve never seen that before.

And look at Eric Wedge with that smirk in the dugout. Yeah, that’s how you coach ’em up, E. The Mariners won the game, their fourth win the past 23 games. But hey, I give Ryan credit for keeping his wits about him.

As opposed to Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina, who just done lost his damn mind, yo!

That’s a great Carl Everett impression, and it’s probably the most umpire-directed rage from a player since Everett. I count at least three bumps and two instances of spittle to the face. That’s gotta be, what, a six-, seven-game suspension? At least?

Giving Molina the benefit of the doubt, he didn’t intentionally spit in Rob Drake’s face. Remember, this was an Everett, not an Alomar. But when you’re talking with such authority and in such close proximity to another person, you’re bound to have your spit fly onto someone else’s face. That was the case here, although I’m certain its mere presence in the argument will add to Molina’s suspension. And I’m sure Molina noticed it and didn’t care.

I didn’t watch this entire game, so I’m unaware if there was some point of contention earlier in the game that Molina had been ruminating over in his head. But it looked like he was just waiting for a reason to explode. According to that pitch tracker, it was a little inside, but everyone has seen that called a strike on the corner forever. I would have understood if Molina had a few choice words, but he acted as if Drake called the strike and then punched a pregnant woman in the stomach. Seriously, yikes.

Oh, and if Molina didn’t like that call, just wait until he comes back from suspension. If you don’t think some home-plate umpires won’t squeeze him on a few borderline pitches as a means of payback, you haven’t been watching baseball long enough.

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