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Randy Moss’ Retirement: I Say Not For Long. Which Would Be Unfortunate

How will you remember Randy Moss?

Moody. Disrespectful. Abrasive. Lazy. Distracting. Immature. Quitter. “When you rich, you don’t write checks; straight cash, homey.”

Yeah, he was all of those things. But on the football field, how will you remember Randy Moss? I think the answer is simple. Arguably, he was the best deep threat in NFL history. Certainly, he was the best jump-ball receiver in NFL history.

The stats speak for themselves — 954 receptions, 14,858 receiving yards and 153 receiving touchdowns. Those numbers respectively rank eighth, fifth and second all-time. He had eight seasons with at least 1,200 yards — trailing only Jerry Rice — and nine seasons with double-digit touchdowns — tied with Rice, no one has more. His 23 touchdowns in 2007 set a single-season record.

Moss extended Randall Cunningham’s career; he made Jeff George look competent for one more season; he made Daunte Culpepper rich; He helped Tom Brady set marks that may never be broken.

All of that has made Moss a Hall of Famer, and he should get in on the first ballot. In time, we’ll still label him a diva or whatever, but we’ll mostly recognize him for his astounding talent on the field. He wasn’t the first wideout to whine and complain and say/do stupid things. But very few wide receivers ever were so physically blessed. That’s his legacy. For now.

I have a feeling that Moss will tarnish that legacy with a comeback attempt. It seems inevitable. We all know he’s not the biggest fan of practice or training camp or even running hard during plays that count. And, as Herman Edwards said but in a different context, Moss isn’t going to “play to just play.” He’s been on enough bad teams to know he doesn’t want to re-live those experiences.

So he’ll “retire” and wait for his preferred teams — reportedly the Patriots, Colts Steelers and others — come a-knockin’. I don’t think New England will ever take him back, but what happens if Indianapolis runs into the same rash of wide receiver injuries they had in 2010 with Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon? The Steelers’ Emmanuel Sanders is already out for three weeks because of some fragile feet, and Hines Ward is slowing down. There’s a definite chance both of those teams could ask Moss to help them out on the cheap during the season, and I’m sure Moss would oblige even if it meant taking little money.

But that’s not what Randy Moss should do. Go home. Enjoy the next stage of your life. Forget football. You’ve accomplished plenty.

But more than anything, Moss just isn’t very good any more. He didn’t give full effort in Minnesota or Tennessee last year, but him at 100 percent now isn’t even the same guy we were watching three years ago. He’s lost at least one step or two, and Moss is  nothing more than a big decoy if he can no longer run past defensive backs. And he can’t. If recent history is any guide, it definitely looks like his legs are shot.

Alas, I think Moss will return, and we will wonder what he has left, knowing full well that his tank is not much above empty. My worst fear is that Moss embarrasses himself further, even more than how he finished last season. And suddenly, we’re no longer remembering Randy Moss for all of this stuff; now we’re asking ourselves if/why he hung on too long.

And will he come back next year?! Moss should learn a former teammate’s mistakes. Yeah, that quarterback guy did have one really good season left in him, but in the end, he didn’t know when to call it a career and made the public that once deified him grow tired of his will-I-won’t-I antics. Moss shouldn’t give his supporters and everyone else such a chance to change their opinion on him.

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