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Running Off At The Electronic Mouth, No. XXIII

I’ll begin with the end of Dan Uggla’s 33-game hitting streak, which didn’t continue today thanks in large part to a ridiculous running catch by the Cubs’ Darwin Barney.

But does anyone really care that much? Sure, in Georgia and in areas of the Southeast, I’m sure many were glued to their seat for every at-bat. There just didn’t seem to be a lot of hype surrounding Uggla’s chase of 56 elsewhere. Maybe it’s just me as I’ve been too wrapped up in the crazy last few weeks in the NFL, or the fact that I live on the West Coast. Maybe Uggla lacked a certain flair. Maybe it’s because Uggla is a .230 hitter who was gunning for one of the most storied offensive records in the sport.

Uggla’s hitting streak was the fourth-longest since the turn of the century. For whatever reason, I seem to remember a lot more attention being paid to Luis Castillo in 2002, Chase Utley in 2006 and Jimmy Rollins in 2005-06. Even Andre Either’s 30-game streak earlier this year took up more of our time. Again, my perception may be warped because I live near Los Angeles, but I think people will have a hard time remembering 5-10 2-3 years from now what Uggla did this season because it wasn’t really treated as a big deal in the moment.

Still … 33 games with a hit in a row! That is freaking impressive.

  • I watched the Basketball Hall of Fame inductions on Friday night. I didn’t plan on it and really, I didn’t even know they were on. But I was told I catch a repeat just to see Dennis Rodman’s extremely emotional speech and the awful “speech” Tex Winter’s son, Chris, gave as his father — the inventor of the Triangle offense — was being inducted into the Hall.

And it was worse than I could have ever imagined. Tex suffered a stroke a couple of years ago that took away much of his speaking ability; he still could have given a much better speech than his son, I’m sure.

Here it is, but heed my warning: It just gets really uncomfortable after a short while. I had to take a couple of breaks while watching justbecause it causes me to cringe. Chris Winter seems to have some sort of infatuation with Butler head coach Brad Stevens; he hardly touched on Winter’s historic NBA accomplishments; he took so long to say … whatever it is he tried to say that he left no time for Tex to speak. And after 11 minutes of rambling, it was clear Tex wanted to say just one thing before being helped off stage, but his son never let it happen. He was too busy rustling through the 30 pages of paper he brought to the podium.

You can see Phil Jackson behind the Winters in that clip, head tilted and thinking, “What the hell is he doing up there?” It was a shame and a travesty for that to happen to one of the most influential NBA coaches of all time.

Also, I don’t want to forget to mention Teresa Edwards’ poem, which was was fantastic.

  • Truth makes for the best comedy. Maybe that’s why I laughed out loud with Nick Young’s answer to the question of do the Washington Wizards have a shot at the NBA title next season. The more videos from these two, the better.

“Worst nightmare: After Roethlisberger finds Ward for a touchdown, they close in on their smiling mugs and then cut to Bruce Wayne waving Gotham’s equivalent of the Terrible Towel. That would be a facepalm situation.”

Well, here’s a short clip of the shoot. And here’s an even shorter clip of some explosions with cameras rolling.

Turn your right hand over, palm facing up … .

  • So we’ve got Steelers being a part of Batman, and Brian Wilson being a part of Star Wars. Kind of. My favorite part is that he was frozen in carbonite while doing his cross-arm salute. It’s nerdy, but I think that pose makes this just a wee bit cooler.
  • We are right in the middle of Ramadan (Oh yeah, there’s a smooth transition). As you may have heard, brothers and NFL players Hamza and Husain Abdullah were recently invited to dinner at the White House in celebration of the Muslim holy month. As Muslims, Hamza and Husain fast during Ramadan, which goes from Aug. 1-29 this year. Among other things, that means no food or water can hit their lips from sunrise through sunset during that time.

It reminded me of the best piece ESPN did in 2010, documenting how the Abdullahs stock up on food and liquids very, very early in the morning and persevere through the heat and physical nature of training camp without any water.

Unfortunately, that video has been taken down from ESPN’s sites. Here’s a short reminder of their story. Their commitment to their faith — especially in their line of work — is truly amazing.

And he may have more competition to deal with soon.

 Seven words: You have got to be kidding me.

Here’s what Daunte’s been doing lately. And there’s that little thing about him being one of the worst NFL quarterbacks since the start of 2005. I’m sure this is funnier to me because Culpepper attended UCF, but really, I don’t see how any NFL team could possibly be this desperate for a QB.

  • Speaking of old guys who should have stopped playing pro ball a long time ago, 51-year-old Tony Phillips is still manning the hot corner for a baseball team … and punching people in the face.

I remember watching Phillips late in his career while with the Tigers and the California/Anaheim Angels. He was a good leadoff hitter. He led the league with 114 runs scored — in 1992.

This probably wouldn’t be important stuff in many other towns, but there is never much happening in Chico, Calif. So I’m sure this kind of thing was classified as major breaking news in that channel’s newsroom.

  • Yesterday, I said to not care about what happens on the field during week one of the NFL preseason. But I broke my own rule a couple of years ago. It was Aug. 13, 2009. The Raiders were taking on the Cowboys in the first game of the preseason. Raiders wide receiver Chaz Schilens caught five passes for 52 yards. Drawing comparisons during the game to Terrell Owens, he’s 6-foot-4, 225 pounds, 24 years old and appears to have a 15-foot vertical leap. Schilens automatically became my top sleepers for fantasy football that season. The catches he was making against Dallas’ first-string defense — with JaMarcus Russell throwing him passes, no less — were the stuff of a No. 1 WR.

I must have jinxed him. Schilens broke his left foot in training camp a couple weeks later and never really contributed much that season.

But that didn’t knock me off the bandwagon. I strapped in for 2010, baby!

And Schilens got hurt again. Actually, it was the same foot that continued to bother him. Schilens went through yet another year spent mostly on the sidelines.

I was cautiously optimistic coming into 2011. And it seems to be paying off. Schilens is healthy and vying for a starting spot at wide receiver for the Raiders. With the lack of proven talent at that position and Jacoby Ford’s broken hand, Schilens might finally get a chance to show what he’s been teasing us with since August 2009.


Oh, God damn it.

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