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And Now, Random Things About Three-Base Hits

For the sake of this post, the all-time leader in triples with 309

Continuing with what I said I was going to write Tuesday night, I should have gotten to this yesterday. Alas …

Tuesday night was a big one for triples. At least, it was the biggest one in about 15 months. There were 12 triples coming from five different games and nine players. The total was the most on a single night since May 29, 2010. There were 14 triples that night.

Half of Tuesday’s triples came from just three players as the White Sox’s Alejandro de Aza, the Padres’ Nick Hundley and the Marlins’ Bryan Peterson recorded two each. Prior to that, July 27, 1958 was the last time three players tripled twice in the same day. That trio had a couple familiar names involved — the Athletics’ Roger Maris and Bill Tuttle, and the White Sox’s Luis Aparicio.

Yes, Tuttle and Maris tripled twice for the same team in the same game. That hasn’t happened since 1966, and only once in Baseball-Reference.com recorded history has a team ever had three players triple twice in the same game.

But with everything said about triples on Tuesday, de Aza and his White Sox teammates owned the night. They beat the Indians, 8-7, in 14 innings with the help of five triples. It was almost shocking that it lasted “only” 14 innings. I thought we were definitely headed for another 19-inning marathon with all of the runners who were being left on base after each damn inning. “Hawk” Harrelson was almost ready to cry in the booth.

Those five triples were the most in White Sox franchise history since 1920 when “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and Co. recorded six triples twice — May 20 and Sept. 17. Of course, Eddie Collins was the only player who tripled in either of those two games to play baseball past that season. The Black Sox Scandal marked the end for Jackson, Happy Felsch and others.

In a broader scope, the White Sox were responsible for the 42nd game with at least five triples from one team since 1919. It was the most in a game since 1986 when the Phillies recorded five versus the Cubs. The White Sox share the American League record with those six triples — they’ve done it at least three times that I can find.

The Baltimore Orioles had nine triples in a game versus the Cleveland Spiders on Sept. 3, 1894. In more modern times, the Pittsburgh Pirates put up eight triples against the St. Louis Cardinals on May 30, 1925.  That came about a month after the Pirates had seven triples versus the Cubs, the game in which Pie Traynor, Clyde Barnhart and Johnny Morrison became the first and only trio of teammates to each notch two triples in one game.

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