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Cam Newton Is No Nate Burleson

OK, this is just getting silly.

In another effort to catch up on stories I’ve missed in the past few days, I must bring up what was at least our second LeBron-powder celebration in as many weeks during the NFL preseason.

I thought it was kind of neat when Nate Burleson did it. It was sort of like a middle finger to Cleveland. And when Nate Burleson is mocking your city, that’s about as rough as it gets.

But it happened again Thursday. Cam Newton scored a rushing touchdown against the Bengals — hey, nice job wrapping up, two-six — and went back to the powder well. Form could have been tighter.

I’m left with two conclusions from this, neither of which are great for Cam.

I don’t know if he and LeBron are friends, but even if so, is this really going to become the norm for Newton? Is this going to be his celebration in the NFL? Newton is such a unique talent, it would be kind of lame if the best end-zone move he could come up with is something that already has a much more successful owner.

OR … was Newton trying to follow in Burleson’s footsteps and attempting to insult the Bengals’ fans? If so, someone should probably tell him that while he was indeed in Ohio, people in Cincinnati don’t give a rat’s ass about the misfortune of their rivals sitting on Lake Erie. If anything, Bengals fans applauded Newton for that gesture because it reminded them of how much Cleveland basketball sucks these days.

I would guess that Newton has been getting a lot of cheers from opposing crowds during this preseason.

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