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Vin Scully Is Coming Back For His 63rd Season With The Dodgers

First of all, just think about doing anything professionally for 63 years. Hell, I suspect that living for 63 years is hard enough. But yes, Vin Scully will be back in 2012 for his 63rd season broadcasting Dodgers baseball.

One thing about that Times headline: Not even God needs to give Vin Scully the “OK” to return to work. When you have basically changed the profession over the course of seven decades, inadvertently launched thousands of copycats and simply become a baseball and pop culture icon, I think you have carte blanche over the highest of powers. Even Frank McCourt knows this. No one in Los Angeles, Dodger fan or otherwise, is ready for Eric Collins full time.

When I first saw the news, I simply thought, “Well, of course he’s coming back.” It can’t be any other way. He is the Dodgers. How could he possibly leave the game? It’s just expected that he’ll be there every spring. I take it for granted. From time to time, I’ve tried to stop myself and envision watching Dodgers baseball without that sound. But I can’t fool myself. Scully must be immortal.

Then I realize that, yeah, Vin Scully will be 84 years old this November. Amazingly, he has hardly lost anything off his fastball. I remember when legendary Lakers broadcaster Chick Hearn was nearing the end of his 38-year run, he seemed to lose track of the game often. He would forget names or just call out the wrong player or score. Granted, baseball is a much slower sport, but Scully remains as sharp as ever. Frankly, we here in Southern California have been spoiled to have him around for six months a year, and I’ve only been listening to him for one-third of his time in Los Angeles.

As people in the public eye get older and gain seniority in their job, we have a tendency to tie longevity and quality together. We just figure they’ve been at their craft for so long, they are to be revered. This isn’t always true (Marty Brennaman), but the compliments said about Scully aren’t cheap praise. He is the best. He tells the most engrossing stories about the players and the game. He has a certain flow that is one of a kind. In a time when all local broadcasters are unabashed homers, Scully calls it pretty close to the middle. And he calls it all by himself, sometimes even pulling off a one-man simulcast.

Again, he’s about to turn 84 years old.

For those of you who only know Scully through his highlight calls from World Series past and impersonations, do yourself a favor and add either MLB.tv or DirecTV’s Extra Innings package for next season. It may be Scully’s last. The end will be a sad time for sure.

Although, I don’t know how he could ever leave.

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