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2011 With The Bases Loaded

In honor of the New York Yankees’ three grand slams — and absurd 16 plate appearances with the bases loaded — during Thursday’s game versus Oakland, here’s how each team is doing with the sacks packed this season through Saturday, Aug. 27.

Each team is given a plate appearances/batting average/OPS breakdown followed by its grand slam total.

Angels: 82/.233/612; one home run. They are one of five teams that have hit two triples with the bases loaded.

Astros: 112/.248/.643; two home runs. It’s not very good, but some teams wouldn’t  mind this line. Frankly, it’s a little better than I thought I’d see from Houston. Oh, and Carlos Lee sprained an ankle during Sunday’s win. That lineup is now without a single name that 95 percent of the baseball-loving public would recognize.

Athletics: 117/.223/.529; one home run. The grand salami was hit by Conor Jackson. That’s the only one on his career resume, and he has just six home runs since August 2008.

Blue Jays: 104/.277/.872; five home runs. Nope, none by Jose Bautista. But Corey Patterson’s got one!

Braves: 98/.231/.629; three home runs. The Braves have sent 26 men to the plate with the bases loaded in August — already their highest number for any month this season. Despite just three hits in 19 at-bats, they have driven in 11 runs, thanks mostly to four walks and a Jason Heyward grand slam.

Brewers: 125/.283/.636; one home run. That OPS is so low because 26 of their 30 hits have been singles. Oh, and their lone grand slam came off the bat of slugger Shaun Marcum.

Cardinals: 106/.356/.936; two home runs. The Cardinals have done a lot of good with the bases loaded. Thirty-two hits in 90 at-bats; 11 walks; only 16 strikeouts. Just imagine how much better their numbers could be without 13 double plays.

Cubs: 114/.286/.733; zero home runs. The Cubs have 10 doubles and a triple with the bases loaded. They just can’t get one of those balls to fly out.

Diamondbacks: 95/.362/.991; four home runs. Sure, the D’Backs have struck out 21 times in 80 at-bats. But when they make contact ….

Dodgers: 123/.176/.516; three home runs. Contrary to Arizona, the Dodgers are awful with the bases loaded. That OPS is the lowest in the MLB. James Loney has two of those three grand slams. He has eight home runs on the season.

Giants: 97/.256/.715; three home runs. The Giants have two more hits and four fewer double plays than the Dodgers with the bases loaded. Yet, they’ve knocked in six fewer runs (64-58).

Indians: 116/.340/.858; two home runs. Both grand slams — first by Carlos Santana in April and then Travis Hafner in July — were of the walk-off variety.

Mariners: 104/.279/.751; two home runs. They’ve struck out 23 times in 86 at-bats. Of course.

Marlins: 137/.283/.872; seven home runs. You would expect the Red Sox, the Yankees, the Phillies, etc., to have a lot of chances with the bases loaded. But how about the Marlins? They have 126 RBIs! Sixteen of their 34 hits have gone for extra bases! They also lead the sport with 34 strikeouts.

Mets: 138/.286/.726; two home runs. June 28 and Daniel Schlereth. What is the day and the pitcher off whom the Mets hit both of their grand slams this season? Jason Bay and Carlos Beltran did the crushing in consecutive innings.

Nationals: 121/.265/.741; five home runs. I still have a hard time believing that Jerry Hairston, who hit a grand slam last month, has just 63 career home runs and three have come with the bases loaded. At that rate, Hank Aaron should have 36 grand slams.

Orioles: 91/.235/.721; three home runs. Nine of their 19 hits have been doubles.

Padres: 117/.278/.728; two home runs. No team has more bases-loaded walks than the Padres’ 14.

Phillies: 142/.314/.791; three home runs. I am running seriously low on anything new to say. Uhhhhh, two triples, three doubles and three home runs. Weird, right? Right?! That’s like eight non-singles. Groovy.

Pirates: 102/.358/.879; two home runs. The mighty Brandon Wood has had the privilege of being the only Pirate to bat with the bases loaded in extra innings this season. He grounded out to the catcher. The Brewers won the game in the bottom of that 10th inning.

Rangers: 103/.276/.782; three home runs. David Murphy was the only Ranger to bat with the bases loaded on this past Friday and Saturday. He succeeded on Friday (grand slam), failed on Saturday (grounded out to end the game with Texas trailing by four).

Rays: 107/.217/.599; one home run. Ben Zobrist has the only grand slam and one-fifth of the Rays’ RBIs with the bases loaded. He is hitting .571 in such situations. The rest of the team: .188.

Red Sox: 159/.241/.605/one home run. It’s not a big surprise that the Red Sox have the most at-bats with the bases loaded (133). The fact that John Buck has doubled the entire team in grannies is just stupid.

Reds: 148/.174/.539; three home runs. Thanks to a hit by the Dodgers on Saturday, the Reds now have the  lowest batting average with the bases loaded. They are also leading with 14 double plays.

Rockies: 139/.244/.680; one home run. If it wasn’t for Shaun Marcum, Eliezer Alfonzo would have the distinction of having the fewest career home runs for a one-grand-slam team this season. He has 17 total and four since the start of the 2007 season.

Royals: 102/.241/.592; one home run. Twenty of the Royals’ 102 PAs with the bases loaded have come in the eighth inning. No other inning has more than 12. I don’t have a clue what that means. But it’s something, that’s for sure.

Tigers: 146/.317/.757; two home runs. Never mind the rather small home run count; the Tigers find ways to get runners home, as evidenced by their MLB-leading 18 sacrifice flies.

Twins: 102/.326/.777; one home run. They have struck out 25 times in 89 at-bats. That added with lot of singles leaves the Twins with an insane .418 BABIP with the bases loaded.

White Sox: 114/.216/.543; zero home runs. Little-known fact: Grand slams are strictly prohibited within Chicago city limits.

Yankees: 147/.341/.967; eight home runs. The Yankees have the most hits of any team (45). And a couple more notes from that piece of history Thursday: Nick Swisher was the only Yankee starter to not bat with the bases loaded. I don’t know a way of checking it, but I would love to know if/when a team had a full nine get at least one shot with the bases full.

Also, Derek Jeter had four plate appearances with the bases loaded Thursday. For the sake of comparison, Justin Upton has played in all but one D’Backs game this season. He has five plate appearances with the bases loaded.

Jeter went 0-for-3 with a walk.

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