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My One College Football Prediction For 2011

It’s all pointless.

All preseason polls are worth a price somewhere between that gum on the bottom of your shoe and a used VHS copy of “Snake Eater III: His Law” starring Lorenzo Lamas. I’ve seen that movie. I believe I was nine years old, and it was the first time I saw a woman’s tunnel of love on film.

Anyway, back to college football …

I absolutely refuse to post another top-25 preseason poll. Even though everyone knows you can pretty much pick and slot whatever teams wherever you want, I put too much pressure on myself to actually be correct on something that will turn horribly wrong after just a couple of weeks. So while a bunch of bloggers will throw out their own top-25, I’m just going to pick one team. One team to NOT win the championship that will probably win the championship. Follow?

You see, I’ve been so wrong in the last two years that it actually stands out. In 2009, I said Alabama, AP preseason No. 5, was the most overrated team. I’m not sure why, but I think it had something to do with the Crimson Tide’s lack of offense. Or at least my perception that they lacked enough offense. They ended up winning the national championship.

I said Oregon, AP preseason No. 11, was the most overrated team to start 2010 because of the off-field distractions caused by LaMichael James and the loss of Jeremiah Masoli. They reached the national championship game.

So who am I tabbing as a disappointment this year and as a result, indirectly vaulting into January’s BCS title game?

The Stanford Cardinal

They are ranked No. 7 in the AP preseason poll and may very well have the best player in the nation at the most crucial position in all of sport, QB Andrew Luck.

The schedule is pretty good, but I think they will lose at least twice — @ USC on Oct. 29, vs. Oregon on Nov. 12 — and are entering this season with 11 new starters and a new head coach, albeit he was promoted from offensive coordinator, so he’s familiar with everyone here. However, Stanford’s top two wide receivers from last season are gone. Three starters along the offensive line, gone. They also have to re-do nearly the entire defensive front line.

Every team deals with departures every year, but I think there is way too much uncertainty, especially on the offensive side past Luck, for the supposed seventh-best team in the nation to keep their ranking. I think they lose at least three games this season.

In reality, that means you should get ready to see the Cardinal in New Orleans next January.

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