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Straight Reppin’ Lithuania

If I was going to post every sports-related thing that I found humorous on this blog, I and you would grow tired of this thing in short order.

However, one thing caught my eye over this weekend, and I couldn’t resist putting it on here.

It’s a rap video. So what?

It’s a rap video about an NBA player. Oooooh, big freakin’ deal.

It’s a rap video about an NBA rookie. A little strange, but Kyrie Irving is pretty good.

It’s a rap video about an NBA rookie from Lithuania. OK, now that’s interesting.

It’s also hilarious. See for yourself:

So, the No. 5 pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, Jonas Valanciunas, apparently has street cred. Well, I will say this: The beat is not bad.

But what’s with all the crazy eyes and gritted teeth, kids?

Oh, yeah. Weed.

Also, how can they go through that song — only 2:45? Awwww, man! — without rhyming anything with “Valanciunas” What about “I can’t wait to see you on the bench gathering rust, Valaciunas.” I mean, those last two words would work. Unfortunately, Valanciunas won’t join the NBA until 2012. By then, will this rap be forgotten? Have you forgotten that you even viewed it 60 seconds ago?

I have a feeling that “so much potential” will be able to describe Valanciunas’ game now and 15 years from now. If that makes me a hater, I’m more than willing to go freestyle with O’Grime. I’m an Irish white guy from the suburbs, and I’m pretty sure I could take him easily.

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