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Even With No Perfect Game, White Sox Pitcher Zach Stewart Was Quite Historic Monday


So Chicago White Sox pitcher Zach Stewart couldn’t get his perfect game tonight against the Minnesota Twins. I am sure Hawk Harrelson let out a loud “Dag gummit!” when Danny Valencia’s double fell in.

Still … a complete-game, one-hit shutout with zero walks and nine Ks. That ain’t too shabby. And the kicker? Tonight’s start was only Stewart’s 10th appearance in the major leagues.

According to baseball-reference.com, Stewart became just the second pitcher since 1919 to throw seven perfect innings in a start with 10 or fewer MLB appearances to his credit. The only other pitcher to fit that criteria was on the White Sox as well. Charlie Robertson actually threw a perfect game against the Indians in just his fifth ML appearance. It happened on April 26, 1922.

Hell, Stewart and Robertson are the only pitchers since 1919 to throw at least three perfect innings in a start with 10 or fewer career appearances. A bunch of relievers have qualified in recent years, but young starters don’t fare anything close to as well as Stewart tonight.

And who cares if he had that one blemish? Only two pitchers that green in the past 20 years have recorded a one-hit shutout. One was Dontrelle Willis, who started for the Reds today. Dontrelle threw the one-hitter in his eighth appearance, all starts. The other pitcher was Kerry Wood in his fifth start. If you at least 20 years old, you likely remember it.

And another tidbit: The Padres’ Jimmy Jones was the most recent pitcher to allow just one baserunner in a shutout with 10 of fewer appearances.

The case of Clay Buchholz (second career start) is extremely impressive. But if you are searching for perfection, you have to go back to the birth year of Charles Schulz to find anything that can match what Zach Stewart did on Labor Day 2011. Again, not too shabby for someone who is playing for his second team this seaosn, had an ERA entering tonight of 5.48 and threw one complete game in 57 starts in the minors.

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