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A Fact Of Nature: Weather Heats Up, Baseballs Fly Out

Jason Heyward provided 1/21st of Wednesday’s home run total in the majors

Summer officially began Wednesday. At 4:09 p.m. Pacific Time, if you need to know the exact minute. If you didn’t know, baseball pretty much signaled the change of seasons for us. Right on cue, temperatures went up and baseball went with them.

There were 42 homers hit today. That doesn’t come close to the record, which I believe is still 62 from July 2, 2002, but it’s still impressive. It’s certainly no coincidence that three of the four day games on the schedule provided some serious fireworks.

The Yankees (four) and Braves (five) combined for nine home runs. That’s the most in the four-season history of the new Yankee Stadium. In Atlanta’s case, there’s probably a better explanation for the power explosion than just the 94-degree heat: Philip Joseph Hughes.

The Diamondbacks tied a franchise record with six home runs versus the Mariners in an always fun football-score game, 14-10. There was one that didn’t quite make it. It was the third time Arizona had hit six. Aaron Hill homered for the fourth consecutive game and has 10 hits in his past 16 at-bats.

The Brewers and Blue Jays hit a total of five home runs, including No. 20 for both Ryan Braun and Edwin Encarnacion.

The Royals-Astros game was the only one played with the warmth that didn’t have a home run. That fact raises this question: What the hell is their problem? Hey, guys: Play along or get the f— out.

Well, at least summer is here. That’ll probably squash all of these no-hitters and one-hitters and talk of pitching domination. Unless pitchers start hitting home runs every night. In that case, I give up.

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