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Aaron Hill Matches 81 Years Of Baseball History

Aaron Hill has raised his average 45 points in June

If you’re a baseball player, it sounds nice to have your name stand alone alongside a guy with “Babe” and “Herman” in his name.

Well, Aaron Hill isn’t exactly in line with the formally known George Ruth, but what the 30-year old did tonight was certainly historic.

With a double in the first, a single in the third, a home run in the fourth, and a triple in the sixth, The Diamondbacks second baseman hit for Major League Baseball’s second cycle this season. The first one was completed by … hey, how about that, Aaron Hill. Thus, Hill became just the second player since 1900 to record two cycles in one season. The only other member of that club is Floyd “Babe” Herman. A fine hitter in his own right, and you’ve got to give him points for having “Caves” as a middle name.

Herman’s two single-season cycles came in 1931 while playing for the Brooklyn Robins. By 1932, the Robins became the Dodgers. Herman’s two cycles in 1931 occurred 67 days apart. Hill had to wait a mere 11 days to join him.

Herman is also one of two players — along with New York Yankee Bob Meusel — who hold the record for three cycles in a career. Hill’s got some time to reach that mark. Hell, he might do it by July 4th. For now, Hill is now one of the 19 players with two career cycles.

  1. Jgro
    July 1, 2012 at 1:04 am

    man that babe herman guy was no slouch

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