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The Pittsburgh Pirates Are An Offensive Juggernaut


Yeah, those Pittsburgh Pirates. They put up 11 more runs Monday, marking the 13th time since June 1 that they have tallied at least six runs in a game. They did that only four times in the first two months of the season.

Surely you remember how hideous this Pirates offense was early on. Through May, they owned the worst average and OPS in the National League — barely ahead of the Athletics in all of baseball. They were at the bottom in on-base percentage and had scored 12 fewer runs than any other team.

Then June arrived and all of a sudden, The Pirates are alive. After scoring 58 runs in April and 89 runs in June, Pittsburgh almost matched that combined total in June, a league-leading 146. They have started off July pretty well, too. Along with those 11 runs, the Pirates recorded nine extra-base hits, their most since 2009

It’s been basically the same cast for the duration, and only one player who saw more than 40 at-bats in June hit better than .300. That was Andrew McCutchen. But, oh, Andrew McCutchen. How can you not love that man? He hit .370 in June and was named NL Player of the Month. At the very least, I’d rank him behind only Joey Votto and David Wright for NL MVP.

I’m not going to say that this is the year that the Pirates make it back to the postseason — the Reds are still the class of that division, and the Cardinals will get healthier (Update: Or not). This might have shades of 2011’s tease where Pittsburgh stuck around for a few months and then faded with blinding quickness.

But at the moment, the stats state there are few better offenses in the National League. Absolutely crazy considering where this team was four weeks ago.

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