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Tyler Clippard Loses His Scoreless Streak. Ernesto Frieri’s Continues On

As a Yankees fan, I’m totally OK with the fact that they traded this guy five years ago straight up for Jonathan Ayambadejo. That’s not how his name is spelled, but he wasn’t good enough for me to care.

This is where the rule stating that every team must be represented in the MLB All-Star Game really irks me. It’s like ordering a huge steak dinner that automatically comes with two sides. Yeah, I’m picking two sides, not because I want to, but because I have to. So screw you, steamed broccoli and garlic mashed potatoes — you’re only going into my mouth because you were free. Same goes for you, side salad that no one ever eats.

What am I talking about again?

Whatever it is, I’m feeling a trip to Outback right about now.

Anyway, Ryan Cook and Huston Street are fine, but they’re in Kansas City because they are surrounded by mediocrity. They were the best of the relative worst. If not for that stupid edict, and if MLB wanted to choose two more-deserving closers, Ernesto Frieri and Tyler Clippard should be taking the trip and those roster spots.

Both of them pitched on the ceremonial final day of the season’s first half with scoreless streaks on the line.

Clippard’s was snapped versus Colorado as his first wild pitch of the year brought home the tie-breaking, game-winning run. But consider that Clippard, one of the game’s best middle relievers over the past couple of seasons, a man filling in for Drew Storen and replacing the failed closer campaigns of Brad Lidge and Henry Rodriguez, hadn’t allowed a run in 20 prior appearances. That covered a span of 19.1 innings in which Clippard posted a ridiculous WHIP of 0.575. His 20-game streak was the third-longest in Nationals/Expos history. He has 14 saves.

Storen’s season debut has been greatly delayed because of April elbow surgery, but he is planning to return soon after the break. I assume he’ll get his job back, but Clippard has certainly made that decision tougher.

But at least Clippard made the exhibition in 2011, so maybe I shouldn’t defend him as much. You’ve got to be more than special to be picked if you’re a true setup guy

Frieri hasn’t made the Mid-Summer Classic yet, and you could argue that he has a stronger case than Clippard. Frieri was acquired in an early May trade that didn’t deserve more than a few lines at the time. No matter how I thought the Angels were too quick to strip Jordan Walden of his job, there is now no dispute that Frieri is the team’s closer. He hasn’t allowed a run since making his first appearance as an Angel on May 5. Hell, he has allowed just eight hits in those 26.1 innings to go with 45 Ks. He has 11 saves.

Frieri has made 26 consecutive scoreless appearances with L.A., the second-most in team history since Francisco Rodriguez’s 30 in 2006.

This post is really about those streaks and just how good — basically untouchable — these two pitchers have been over the past two months and not some meaningless, extremely tardy stumping.


But no, let’s make sure we get a couple of token relief arms in there so that everybody can be a part of the fun.

Well, almost everybody.

  1. Jgro
    July 11, 2012 at 12:48 am

    I think you said you were going to steal something from me, but then I #forgot what it was. Don’t quote me boy!

    • July 11, 2012 at 4:11 am

      No idea either. But I wrote this very early Tuesday, so whatever it was that I said I was going to steal from you later in the day couldn’t have possibly turned up here.


  2. Jgro
    July 11, 2012 at 11:04 am

    wellllll, that makes sense

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