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I Hope Mets And Cardinals Fans Requested A Refund

Better bring in somebody else to give up a few runs

It’s still difficult to take a family of four to a baseball game these days. Without looking up the official estimates, I figure the combination of just tickets, parking, and food and drink would put such a family out at least $200. And you’d have to be sitting in the fairly cheap seats. Now, it depends on what stadium you attend, and I have yet to experience a night out at Citi Field or New Busch Stadium. But I hope no first-time attendees were present Wednesday night to root on their Mets or Cardinals, because it was ugly.

The Mets lost to the Marlins, 13-0. Th Cardinals, with the help of eight runs allowed in the final two innings, got pounded by the Giants just a bit harder, 15-0.

For the Mets, it was their most lopsided home loss since 2010 and their largest shutout loss at home since 1999. But a loss of any sort isn’t a big deal considering the Mets have now been defeated in their last nine home games. They haven’t won a home game since July 7, which sounds a lot worse than that previous sentence.

For the Cardinals, they hadn’t been beaten so thoroughly at home since this bludgeoning in 2008. Since at least 1918 — and likely earlier — The 15-0 score is the second-largest shutout loss in Cardinals history, home or away. The Giants reached that number with an overkill grand slam in the ninth inning by Marco Scutaro of all people, the third of his career. It’s why Scutaro reached a new career high with seven RBIs. No Giant had posted seven RBIs in a game since Jeff Kent in 2001.

That home run brought a loud end to Mitchell Boggs’ scoreless streak. Boggs lasted just one-third of inning, allowing four runs on two hits and two walks. The 28-year old had made 23 consecutive appearances without giving up a run, the second-longest such streak this season. It trailed Ernesto Frieri’s 27-game scoreless streak. And if you are a reliever with a relatively long scoreless streak, I will always be intrigued.

And now for the statistic of the night that brings me the most enjoyment know this: This is the first time since at least 1918 — and likely earlier — that two home teams were shut out by at least 13 runs on the same day.

Two hundred dollars well spent.

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