A Lot Of Teams Didn’t Show Up On Tuesday

A half-dozen teams were left with a whole lot of nothing on Tuesday

Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was an Olympics hangover. Maybe it was really good pitching. Maybe it was dumb luck.

Tonight, there were six shutouts around the league. That’s the largest number of goose eggs on one day since May 14 of last season. So here are some notes on each of the one-sided games.

Yankees 3, Rangers 0: Yankees beat writer Andrew Marchand said this during the second inning of Monday’s game. The Rangers haven’t scored since. Seriously, Texas? You get absolutely shut down by Derek Lowe, and then basically watch Hiroki Kuroda record the Yankees’ first CG-SHO with two or fewer hits allowed since 2006. That only means one thing for Wednesday:

Freddy Garcia is finally gonna get that perfect game he’s always wanted.

Reds 3, Mets 0: Cincy wins this one in with a walk-off home run from Jay Bruce after spending eight innings trying really hard not to win. They left 14 runners on base through that first eight. Mets starter Chris Young permitted 12 baserunners and gave up no runs in 5.2 innings. That’s the first 12-baserunner, no-run outing for any starter in fewer than six inning since 2010. It was the first for any Mets starter ever.

Mat Latos was strong again — seven innings, five hits no runs. He was pretty brutal in the first half of the season, but he now has a 1.83 ERA since June 18.

Dodgers 11, Pirates 0: The Dodgers’ most lopsided road shutout win in more than a year is the Pirates’ most lopsided home shutout loss in more than two years.

And I fear that the Pirates are turning into a pumpkin. They’ve lost five of six, are 5-8 this month and are suddenly six games behind the Reds. Oh, and they get Clayton Kershaw next. The Pirates are still in the lead for a wild card spot, but it’s just a one-game edge in front of the Cardinals, against whom they play a three-game set this weekend in St. Louis.

Phillies 1, Marlins 0: Jimmy Rollins homered on the second pitch of the game. And that was it. While the Phillies haven’t allowed a run in 21 innings, the Marlins haven’t scored a run in 27 innings, three full games. It’s the longest scoreless streak in franchise history. The Dodgers went 33 innings without a run over a five-game stretch in June this year.

Showtime must be wishing that it can cut bait — pun intended, obviously — and go trail some other team that is interesting and competitive. This situation is sad and pathetic and … well, I hope Jeffrey Loria is happy.

I will still watch.

Braves 6, Padres 0: Anybody notice that the Padres have won seven of their last nine even after this loss? It doesn’t matter, but it’s kind of neat, I think, for a team going nowhere to not pack it in this time of the year (Marlins? Marlins?).

Padres relief pitcher Tom Layne, 27, struck out the side in his first MLB inning. Only 17 players have done that in a one-inning debut. It’s not exactly the most prestigious list. I’d say four of those guys had even a serviceable career. And no, that doesn’t include the two hitters on the list.

Royals 5, Athletics 0: A five-run fifth was all the scoring this game had.

I don’t think I’m off base saying that Jarrod Parker has hit a wall. Or maybe the league is just figuring him out. Either way, he has an ERA north of 6.00 since early July. Like the Pirates, I sense that the ground is starting to shake a bit beneath Oakland’s feet. The A’s have a lot of winnable games comes up — two more in KC before a six-game homestand that includes the Indians and the Twins. If they continue to falter here, I don’t think all of those divisional games in September, including seven meeting with the Angels, are going to matter much.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Guthrie is now riding a 15-inning scoreless streak after back-to-back clean outings. I have nothing to say about that, mostly because such a thing leaves me speechless.

Six shutouts Tuesday. And other than the Phillies, I didn’t hit on the seven teams that scored just one or two runs. Hopefully you didn’t choose this night as the night you would finally convince your “baseball is boring” neighbor why he is wrong.

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