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Johan Santana: Tied With Mike Hampton, Chasing Willie Blair. So It’s Not Good

It sure was cool when Johan Santana through that no-hitter about 10 weeks ago.

You know what hasn’t been cool? Johan Santana’s pitching since 10 weeks ago. Tonight marked his eighth start since that memorable day, and it’s been a pretty tough road for Santana. He spent some time on the disabled list with an injured ankle and entering tonight, his ERA since June 1 was 7.98,

That DL stint interrupted a three-start streak in which Santana had allowed at least six earned runs. Unfortunately, that streak could only be slowed down, not stopped. It continued tonight as Santana allowed six runs in five innings against the Nationals. A Michael Morse grand slam and a Bryce Harper two-run shot accounted for all of the damage. And this came just six days after Santana allowed eight earned runs in 1.1 innings to the Braves. His ERA since June 1 is now 8.26. His season ERA has gone from 2.38 to 4.84.

Santana’s 6+ ER streak now stands at five. It’s the longest such streak since Mike Hampton “accomplished” it for the Rockies between 2001 and 2002, running through the end of the first season and the beginning of the second season of his brilliant eight-year, $121 million contract.

The other four pitchers to have gone five straight starts allowing that many runs are Jim Abbott, Earl Whitehill, Carl Weilman and Bob Gibson. So hey, it’s not all bad. Gibson got MVP votes in that 1964 season, too.

The only pitcher to top five is Willie Blair, who somehow found a way to have teams give him more than $14 million over the course of his career.

Not surprisingly, Santana was tagged with his fifth consecutive loss as the Nats won, 6-4. That is one better than a four-start period of wretchedness back in 2004.

He will try really, really hard not to match Blair next week at home versus the Colorado Rockies.

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