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UPDATE: Say Hello To The New Longest Home Run Of 2012

Not quite. But if Giancarlo Stanton keeps playing games at Coors, it may not be long until he matches The Mick

I still disagree that this moon shot from Adam Dunn on Monday traveled only 460 feet. If those pesky facades hadn’t been in the way, that’s 480 or more, easy.

In any event, that doesn’t matter now, because Friday night brought us the longest home run of the year, and there’s no debating it.

I bet you can guess who hit it and in what park it occurred.

That’s right, Giancarlo Stanton in Coors Field with the boomstick. He murdered a pitch from Josh Roenicke and sent it 494 feet into the night.


This shouldn’t come as much of a shock to anyone because besides being a baseball monster in general, Stanton really takes his frustrations out on Colorado. One year ago today, the formally known Mike Stanton did this to an Aaron Cook spinner.

Then this happened two days before that  to Kevin Millwood, who was not all that pleased.

Giancarlo Stanton becomes a serial killer in Denver.

That’s four Stanton home runs that each traveled more than 450 feet over his last five games in Colorado.

Obviously, the flight of the ball leaves you in awe, but I especially adore the sound coming off his bat. My rule of thumb: You know a ball is hit well when contact with the bat sounds like a bite into a really fresh, crisp apple. And Stanton’s contact sounds mighty crisp.

Tonight’s 494-foot shot took the crown away from Cameron Maybin’s 485-foot home run in May as the longest of this season. Since I know you are sick of opening annoying MLB.com video clips, I’ll just tell you that Maybin got all of it.

Stanton’s latest homer is the longest in MLB since 2009 when the Reds’ Wladimir Balentien hit a 495-foot HR. It occurred on the final day of that regular season, and Balentien hasn’t played in the majors since.

I don’t think Stanton will have that problem. I’m pretty sure he’ll be in the Marlins’ lineup Saturday, ready to launch some helpless offering from Tyler Chatwood.

Aug. 18 UPDATE: And sure enough, Stanton freakin’ did it again! He came up with two on in the first inning against Chatwood and sent a 94-MPH fastball up past the bleachers and on to the concourse in straight-away left field. But official measurement yet, but I don’t think it tops 494. However, Giancarlo probably just hit his fifth 450-footer at Coors Field in the past 370 days.

Including today’s totals through two at-bats, Stanton is 8-for-20 in his career at Coors with a home run in each of his first six games there. Just spectacular. Stanton should request a trade from one last-place team to another right now. According to history, he would hit (let’s see … carry the one) … 162 home runs per season.

Aug. 18 UPDATE #2: It’s official now: This latest homer was measured at 465 feet. Here’s the video. Holy Jebus.

According to ESPN Stats and Info, Stanton is the first major leaguer to homer in each of his first six games at any ballpark.

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