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Just Another Reason Why Baseball Is Crazy

If you attended a Major League Baseball game on Tuesday, you had a 33 percent chance of seeing a current great on the mound.

Yeah, how did that turn out?

Jered Weaver: He allowed four earned runs to a recently gutted Red Sox offense. He was bailed out from getting a loss because apparently Bobby Valentine wanted to watch Alfredo Aceves burn.

Stephen Strasburg: Apparently unaware of what month it is, “Pardon the Interruption” had an idiotic debate earlier in the day about whether this would be Strasburg’s most important start this season.

Washington certainly hopes not. Strasburg turned in his worst start in a month, allowing seven runs — five earned — over five innings to a similarly vacant Marlins lineup.

Chris Sale: He made his shortest start this season, allowing four runs over four innings to the Orioles. Seeing that Sale just didn’t have it, manager Robin Ventura pulled him after 75 pitches.

Justin Verlander: Most shocking of all, the reigning MVP had already been tagged for seven runs in Kansas City by the end of the second inning. Overall, he gave up a career-high eight earned runs and 12 hits in 5.2 innings. Going by game score, his 16 on Tuesday night rates as the second-lowest score of his career (He has scored a 15 three times). Verlander gave up eight runs for third time in his career, and it was against the Royals, a team he has had a lot of success against.

Of course, Verlander has success against everyone, and many teams have success against the Royals, but that’s missing the point …

Meanwhile, Ricky Nolasco, with his 4.21 FIP, was busy shutting out one of the best team’s in baseball.

It happens every night, and that’s why we love this game. But damn, just when you think you have something figured out, baseball lets you know that you know absolutely nothing.

*I should have rightfully included Matt Cain in this field of aces. But he pitched kinda good and just so my slant works, he was excluded.

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