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Steve Sabol, 1942-2012

No one has or ever will see the NFL like him

I can only echo what has been said about Steve Sabol today.

Artist. Genius. Innovator. Game-changer in more ways than one.

I talk a lot about fantasy football on this blog, but much like everything else we take for granted in football viewing these days, that wouldn’t be possible without the contributions of Steve Sabol.  OK, it could still be carried out by keeping track of box-score totals for every player, but where’s the fun in that?

Sabol was involved in bringing football to the masses in such a vivid manner for 50 years. We wouldn’t be able to see the game how we see it now without him and his father, Ed. But it was Steve who was the visionary.

We wouldn’t have those dramatic, iconic video clips, the blooper reels, the numerous camera angles and slow-motion replays without NFL Films. We wouldn’t have the on-field sound from coaches and players that really brings you into the game. We wouldn’t have that tremendous musical soundtrack (My personal favorite. That gets me so pumped up on Sunday mornings). We wouldn’t have the NFL Network. The list goes on and on.

Simply, Steve Sabol revolutionized how football is seen, heard and emotionally felt. Most everything associated with a football broadcast has Sabol’s fingerprints. He turned a game into a cinematic experience. A loss too big to put into words, that’s how much Sabol did for not just football but for televised sports in general.

Other than being a huge fan of his work, I am drawn to write about Sabol’s passing because I recently lost someone I love to brain cancer. It’s a vicious, cruel disease. But I know that when the time came in both cases, both people could rest assured knowing they accomplished as much as they could with the time given to them.

May Sabol rest in peace. He’s got a pretty nice view of the game from up above.

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