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The Packers, The Seahawks, The Refs, And The Most Zany, Unbelievable, Absolutely Impossible Dream Of A Play

(Stephen Brashear/Associated Press)

I kind of see it as the “Holy Roller” of our generation. It’s also Roger Goodell’s newest worst nightmare.

What’s the one thing we worried about the most with replacement referees?

Player safety.

Well, yeah, and that hasn’t gone so well at times. That linked play wasn’t even flagged.

But other than that, what was the biggest worry? That the referees would make a controversial (read: wrong) call to directly decide the result of a game.


M.D. Jennings took the ball in with both hands, and the refs then took the game away from the Packers. Yes, Golden Tate pushed Sam Shields in the back like a bridesmaid going after a bouquet, but that’s just a horrible non-call, something we’ve seen in the dozens through three weeks. What happened a couple of seconds later is something most people have never seen.

One last chance. Time expires. The Packers’ Jennings vs. the Seahawks’ Tate. A catch in a crowd. A few seconds of indecision and then contradictory signals by the two officials in the area. One of them signals touchdown, so … TOUCHDOWN!

Seahawks: “WE WON!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!”

Packers: “They won??? Ahhhhh hell no.”

Teammates mob Tate. Media and players from both teams pile on to the field. The Packers wait for the official review to come back. Why is Michael Silver talking to Aaron Rodgers? While wearing sunglasses at night?

After review … you know how it goes. Pete Carroll is pumped. He and Russell Wilson give on-field interviews. But wait — the game isn’t over yet. By rule, even with the Seahawks ahead and no time remaining, they must attempt an extra point. Good luck with that; both teams have pretty much left the field.

Ten minutes pass while we try to figure out how/if the Seahawks have really won the game they just won. Carroll yells at someone on his staff: “Go get me 11.”

As we wait, more and more replays are shown on TV. Jon Gruden calls the play “tragic.” He must not have seen what happened to Darrius Heyward-Bey yesterday or maybe he doesn’t realize that child malnutrition is still a huge problem in this world. Gruden also says how this should not be how a team starts a 6,000-mile trip home. The Packers must have a layoff in Greenland before heading to Wisconsin.

Players from both squads start to trickle back out onto the field. One Packer comes back out with his shoulder pads unlatched. M.D. Jennings also tries to get on the field, but he can’t find a helmet. He digs into a bin for a helmet, throwing a couple back because they don’t fit. All in an effort to stand around for a superfluous extra point attempt following a game-winning touchdown pass that was most likely intercepted by him. The surreal scene thickens.

And it all took place on the national stage of Monday Night Football.

All the while, Twitter explodes with rants from we commoners and celebrities from all categories, especially football players. Once the Packers get to their locker room, some of them let loose.

That’s just a taste. There’s A LOT more where that came from and it’s equally vitriolic. I’ve been on Twitter since only April, but Sept. 24 was just a beautiful night for social media. The entertainment value has never been higher.

I’m not sure what impact this has on reaching a resolution to the regular refs’¬†lockout. I say probably not much because even though pundits are right when they say how this is bad for the game, the desire to watch is still there. A few people may turn away, but it won’t be enough to make a noticeable difference to the bottom line. The masses crave football, and it’s going to take more than this to curb that craving.

The game is over, but the talk has just begun. By now, you’ve probably seen the play in question 200 times, and we’re mere hours separated from the game. It’s will get even louder on Tuesday before rolling swiftly into Wednesday and Thursday. Many people have already said their peace. Imagine how annoying this is going to get in a couple of days when nothing new is said, just the mouths who say it. Thursday’s game of Browns-Ravens probably isn’t going to do much to slow it down. My hope is that it will settle by the time next Sunday arrives.

Oh, well. As someone said to me on Twitter tonight, at least it’s better than talking about Tebow.

That, unlike Golden Tate’s second touchdown on Monday, is right.

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