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Michael Vick Gives A Refreshing Take On Staying Healthy In The NFL

(US Presswire)

(US Presswire)

Michael Vick is a player who gets hurt a lot. Just take a look at his injury report history, minus that little “suspended” gap in the middle. And that list doesn’t even include Vick’s sprained shoulder in 2002 nor his broken leg, which forced him to miss 11 games in 2003.

Of course, Vick doesn’t want to get hurt. Every NFL’er wants to find a way to play 16 games and then some every season. But after a while, players have to come to terms with whom they are. And Vick, in a radio interview Saturday, sounded like a man who knows exactly what kind of player he is.

When asked what he will do to stay healthy for the entire 2013 season, Vick gave this answer:

“If you think about what I endured and how many hits I took (last year), I stayed upright for seven games and took about 180 hits,” Vick said. “It is what it is. I am going to train the way I train, I’m not going to change anything. I’m going to be who I am and I’m not going to change. I think everybody just has to accept it.”

I love it.

Vick had said in a previous interview that through the past couple of seasons, he played with his top priority being not to get injured. Uh, that didn’t work out. Those seasons ended up like many of Vick’s earlier ones: with big chunks of missed time due to injury.

Vick is going to be running often and opening himself up to a lot of hits in Chip Kelly’s offense. But that is Michael Vick. He is not a pocket passer. He has always been more effective, more dangerous as a runner, and the Eagles shouldn’t stop him from being that guy.

Injuries are mostly dumb luck. They can occur when an athlete is reckless beyond rational means or totally out of shape, but most of them aren’t certifiably crazy and are physical freaks who are rocking four percent body fat. You can look at players such as Vick, Darren McFadden, Ryan Mathews, etc., and say they they are injury-prone. I guess that’s true, but it’s really tough to prove that. Maybe they are just repeatedly unlucky.

I’ve always hated reporters asking athletes what they will do to keep from getting injured in the upcoming season. What are they supposed to do? Drastically change the style that got them to the pro level and made them (multi-) millionaires overnight? There’s no magical potion that any athlete can use to ensure that he or she will always stay healthy — and if there is, USADA would like a word with you.

To Vick and all of those players who have been constantly bogged down by breaks, sprains, strains, tears and whatever else: Don’t change a thing. Be the player you’ve always been and don’t concern yourself with when is the next time your hamstring is going to give. Who knows? Injuries are a largely uncontrollable variable and are a part of every athletic competition.

In fantasy, we owners will need to weigh the risks of each player appropriately while hopefully keeping in mind that there is nothing that says some Iron Man can’t pop his Achilles’ tendon in Week 1. And there is nothing that says Vick can’t make it through a full season unscathed.

But in that offense?

Yeah, dude’s totally gonna get hurt again.

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