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Red Sox Score 16 Runs Without An Extra-Base Hit

The time for random baseball occurrences set against history has arrived!

If you have stumbled upon this blog in the past, you probably know that I have a fetish when it comes to the sorts of baseball oddities as mentioned in the title. Of the 48 baseball-related posts I wrote during last season, 37 of them were focused around quirky statistics for which I wanted to draw some sort of historical perspective.

Some of the numbers were important; some of them were just me digging way to deep to find something interesting about something that is completely not; some were completely meaningless.

Speaking of which, spring training numbers are meaningless, but hey, 16 runs without an extra-base hit? That seems (Miley Cyrus voice) pretty cool.

The Red Sox beat the Pirates, 16-6, with the help of 14 singles and 15 walks last night.

First of all, 15 walks?!

That hasn’t been done in a game since the Rockies walked 15 Giants on July 4, 2010. Before then, that number hadn’t been reached since July 2, 2004. On that day, the Orioles walked 18 Phillies. Eighteen!!!

And they won, 7-6.

On Thursday, Jackie Bradley was the only Red Sox to collect at least three hits. Brock Holt was one of three players to get multiple hits. And I wrote that sentence only so I could write Brock Holt’s name. His parents should be very proud.

But the main story here is the amount of runs. Sixteen runs is the most a team has ever scored in a game with just singles, and it has happened just once. It was Aug. 6, 1979 when the Royals beat the Blue Jays, 16-12. Kansas City recorded 17 hits, four of which came off the bat of Pete LaCock. Yes, LaCock was really swinging the wood hard in that one.

By the way, no team has scored more than 11 runs without an extra-base hit since 1993.

Since it’s spring training, yeah, no team still hasn’t scored more than 11 runs without an extra-base hit since 1993. None of this counts and has been forgotten by now. Plus, spring training is full of crazy numbers because you have pitchers who will never get a sniff of a major league clubhouse spread throwing junk that is bound to get crushed.

But what the Red Sox did Thursday reminds me again that baseball is right around the corner — although, this month of March is going to last forever.

And it reminds me that I need to re-up my Baseball-Reference.com subscription.

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