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Tuesday was yet another example why baseball is so cool and odd

It started out as a day just like any other day. Tuesday, July 28. Nothing special on the horizon.

And then a bunch of crazy, stupid stuff happened. Such is baseball.

The day was ruled by trade rumors and suffocating coverage of the most overblown, tired sports story since Tebow. Then began the evening’s slate of baseball, which included eight matchups between sub-.500 and above-.500 teams. And those woebegone squads won five of the eight.

Not among that group was a meeting between the Phillies and the 50-50 Blue Jays. True, they didn’t have Troy Tulowitzki in the lineup yet, but you would think that the Jays would be all hyped up to play given Monday’s assurance from their front office that, yep, they’re going for it. Alas, they had trouble figuring out Adam Morgan and saw Devon Travis and Jose Bautista leave early due to injury. Travis may need some time off, but the early indication is that Bautista will be OK. Yet that’s a solid jab to the gut of the Toronto faithful — one night after acquiring the best shortstop in baseball over the past decade, your team loses at home to game’s cellar dweller and you see your impressive rookie leadoff hitter and the face of your franchise get injured.

The Phillies, meanwhile, have won nine of 10 games since the All-Star break. Six of those wins have come against .500-or-better clubs. And they are still six games “ahead” of the Brewers and Red Sox for the title of the worst team in MLB.

You had the Rays’ Curt Casali become the first-ever rookie catcher to homer twice in consecutive games. And speaking of catchers (or at least players who used to play catcher and still have the body of a catcher) Evan Gattis — EVAN GATTIS — pushed his 2015 triples total to seven. He had one career triple through more than 200 games entering this season. Gattis is primarily a designated hitter these days. The last DH to triple seven times in a season was Johnny Damon in 2011. But Damon, even at that advanced stage of his career could still run. Gattis eternally lumbers.

For good measure, the last catcher to triple at least seven times in a season was John Wathan in 1980. That was so long ago (how long ago was it?!?!) that it was two years before Julio Franco made his MLB debut.

Mookie Betts and the Red Sox were victimized by baseball’s version of the “Dez Bryant rule.”

And finally there was the abomination between the Yankees and the Rangers. The Rangers scored five runs in the bottom of the first inning — and then didn’t get a hit for the rest of the night. By the time Texas had recorded an out in the top of the second inning, they were already trailing, 6-5. The Yankees would go on to score 11 runs in that second inning. which alone saw the hulking duo of Didi Gregorius and Brendan Ryan combine for three doubles, a triple and six RBIs.

By the end of the third inning, the Rangers had used three pitchers, allowed 15 runs and thrown 107 pitches.

At its merciful end, the Yankees had compiled 21 unanswered runs on 19 unanswered hits. Jacoby Ellsbury reached base due to catcher’s interference twice. Outfielder Adam Rosales pitched an inning for the Rangers and although he gave up a long home run to Brett Gardner, he struck out Chris Young looking. Prior to that ninth-inning AB, Young had racked up two doubles and a grand slam.

And, of course, Adam Warren was credited with a save in this 21-5 squeaker.

Thanks a lot, random Tuesday in late July.

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