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Fantasy Football: Week 14 starts, Week 15-16 pickups

For the past decade and then some, almost all of my published professional work has had something to do with fantasy sports. I wrote for ScoutFantasy.com (nee FFToolbox.com) consistently from 2009 up until July of this year. I also contributed to USA Today Sports Weekly for a short while. Writing about sports with a fantasy perspective doesn’t compel me nearly as much as writing about sports with a — for lack of a better term — reality perspective, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

So last night, I did a couple of things. I supplied two fantasy football articles to AdvancedSportsLogic.com. Both works are very simple, short pieces addressing one player at each of the four critical skill positions in fantasy football (quarterback, running back, wide receiver and tight end). 

One article lists four players whom you should feel comfortable starting in Week 14.

The other suggests a few players you might be interested in picking up to use in Weeks 15 and 16, the most important weeks of the FF season. 

Check them out and yell at me if you totally disagree with my choices (Note: I’m not too fond of my own selection of Alex Smith in the latter article, so if you’re looking to pick a bone with me, that one doesn’t count).

Lastly, one distinct pleasure I do get out of researching and writing about fantasy sports is answering questions from all the beautiful people on Twitter. So, if you have a start ’em-sit ’em dilemma for your fantasy league playoffs, please give a follow and drop a line: @Spokes_Murphy. I try to get to every query asked before the Sunday morning kickoffs.

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