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The Final Four wraps up with the greatest final possessions in championship game history

Forget One Shining Moment. Monday’s championship game between North Carolina and Villanova gave us a pair of iconic shots within the last five seconds.

One of those shots will probably fade from most memories fairly quickly because it, somehow, wasn’t the most important, jaw-dropping shot of the night. I’m talking about Marcus Paige’s miraculous 3-pointer to tie the game at 74. How does he get this shot off, much less get it to go in?

And the capture of Paige pumping in mid-air right before he releases the ball is another instant classic. Photographer Robert Deutsch of the USA Today was tonight’s third star. 

A senior leader hoists an extremely awkward, acrobatic, deep shot that somehow falls and knots the national championship game with just 4.7 seconds remaining. How can you top that?

By winning the freaking thing on the next play from 25 feet at the buzzer.

That has to be the wildest five seconds in the history of college basketball. Given what was on the line and that such a short span of time contained not just one but two incredible images that saw both teams run to each end of the emotional spectrum, I don’t know what previous event compares in this sport. The maddest moment of March was saved for April, for the national championship game, and it decided a winner with absolutely no time left in the season.

To anyone who doesn’t understand why so many people enjoy sports or why they enjoy them so enthusiastically, Marcus Paige and Kris Jenkins presented a couple of excellent examples.


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